Best LMGs in Warzone: Every Season 6 Light Machine Gun ranked

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LMGs come in handy in laying waste to opponents in long ranges in Warzone. So, here’s a ranked list of all the LMGs in Warzone Season 6, organized from the best to worst in the current meta, that’ll help you pick the best option.

Light Machine Guns remain a viable choice for racking up kills in Warzone Season 6, largely due to their impressive rate of fire coupled with a huge magazine capacity. However, the LMGs are hard to control and require the right set of attachments to get their recoil and aim stabilization under control.

With Season 1 quickly approaching for Warzone, after the MW3 integration, it’s bound to shake up the meta. So, if you’re looking to equip yourself with the best LMGs in Warzone, here’s our ranked list, from the top performers to the least effective options.

Best Warzone LMGs ranked list

Warzone has six LMGs in Season 6, so if you’re struggling to decide which one to use, here’s all of them ranked from best to worst:

  1. RAPP H
  2. RPK
  3. HCR 56
  4. 556 Icarus
  5. Sakin MG38
  6. RAAL MG

Best Warzone LMGs


raal mg in warzone 2Activision
The RAAL MG hasn’t managed to stand out in Warzone Season 6.

The RAAL MG was previously one of the best LMGs in Warzone, but that is now a thing of the past. While the RAAL didn’t get major nerfs, the buffs for weapons like the RPK and HCR put the RAAL in the last placement this season.

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5. Sakin MG38

warzone 2 sakin mg38 lmgActivision
The Sakin MG38 is extremely easy to handle in Warzone.

The number five spot goes to the Sakin MG38, which is still a great long-range option in Warzone, with decent damage and easy-to-control recoil. Despite this, the Sakin doesn’t have the best damage at long-range or mobility in the LMG category.

4. 556 Icarus

warzone 2 icarus 556Activision
The 556 Icarus boasts impressive mobility in Warzone.

The 556 Icarus is a versatile LMG and it’s a good option for those who would prefer a more Assault Rifle-like LMG in Warzone. The main feature of the 556 Icarus is the incredible mobility it provides as well as great fire rate and recoil control. However, like the Sakin MG38, long-range damage heavily penalizes its position on the ranked list.

3. HCR 56

hcr 56 in warzone 2 and modern warfare 2Activision
The HCR 56 LMG is a fully automatic weapon in Warzone.

Whether you’d like a heavy LMG or more of an Assault Rifle build, the HCR 56 can do either, catering to your preferred playstyle. Due to buffs in previous seasons when it comes to damage and mobility, it has become the third-best option among LMGs.

2. RPK

rpk in cod warzoneActivision
The RPK has remained one of the most popular LMGs in Warzone since the game’s launch.

The RPK held the title of the best LMG for a significant period boasting several key attributes that make it a strong contender in Warzone, such as impressive damage, excellent recoil control, and solid mobility.

While it remains a popular choice among players, it has slipped from its top-ranking position due to past nerfs, with the current leader being the RAPP H.

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1. RAPP H – Best LMG in Warzone

rapp h modern warfare 2Activision
The RAPP H’s fire rate can be used to eliminate Warzone enemies quickly.

In the first spot, claiming the title of best LMG in Warzone is the RAPP H. This gun stands out for having one of the fastest LMG fire rates. It’s similar to the 556 Icarus in terms of versatility. Still, the RAPP H surpasses it in range and combined with its excellent competitive TTK, it provides an advantage in long-range combat on Ashika Island and Vondel.

That’s a wrap on our ranked list of the best LMGs for Season 6 of Warzone. Now all that remains is for you to adjust these weapons to your liking and land on different Warzone maps.

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