Warzone 2 expert praises “amazing” Season 4 update after playing early

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 operator with hood up

Popular Warzone 2 content creator IceManIsaac has revealed his opinions on the Season 4 update after playing it early, claiming it’s “amazing.”

Warzone 2 Season 4 arrives with some hefty new content and changes for players to dig their teeth into.

The devs have decided to go big for the Season 4 update, not only introducing a brand-new map, Vondel, new weapons, and a fresh Battle Pass as always but also through some pretty drastic changes which players had been calling for.

Warzone 2 Season 4 will increase the TTK by giving players 50 more health, as well as also removing AI from Strongholds. These are pretty huge changes, especially the increase in health, and as some lucky content creators in the community were invited to play the update and new map early, many are sharing their opinions.

Warzone 2 content creator IceManIsaac has shared his experience with the new update, saying that he had a “blast,” despite not being a “big fan of Infinity Ward.” Ultimately, IceManIsaac seems to be happy with the update as it introduces changes that he and others had been calling for “8 months ago, at Call of Duty Next.”

Prior to Warzone 2 Season 4, the content creator says it was like the devs were “trying to kill their franchise,” but this new update left IceManIsaac “pleasantly surprised,” calling it “awesome.”

As well as referring to Vondel as “beautiful” and “bada**,” IceManIsaac praises the health increase, removal of AI, and changes to the way in which Strongholds work.

The change to health increases the TTK, which Isaac feels will allow for “more skill to be shown, you have to hit more shots, you can potentially use more movement for outplay, and it’s more forgiving.”

Further, the removal of the AI and changes to Strongholds were also welcomed by IceManIsaac, as he said he doesn’t know “why it took 8 months,” but finally “they’re gone.”

Players will be diving into Season 4 of Warzone 2 and experiencing the new changes for themselves on June 14, so we’ll have to see if the majority agree with IceManIsaac’s praise.

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