How to get better at Warzone 2: Top tips & tricks

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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 can be a tough battle royale nut to crack, so if you’re struggling in Al Mazrah, we’ve got a ton of top tips to help you out in Warzone 2.

If you’re new to the concept of CoD battle royale or have come straight from the OG title to Warzone 2, then there’s no harm in seeking help to make your gameplay better.

Activision’s BR shooter sequel has waved goodbye to the memories of Verdansk and Caldera and set up camp in Al Mazrah – a middle-eastern-inspired map. Not only that but the core of the game has been taken out and swapped with many new features and elements to consider.

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A revised Gulag with 2v2 fights is just one of the ways Warzone 2 differentiates from its predecessor.

As a result, many players have struggled to adjust, and if you’re after some easy tips to improve your chances, or you’re new to BR and need guidance in general, we’ve got you covered with our Warzone 2 tips guide.

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Rotation in Warzone 2 is key

The game’s circle mechanic has certainly changed in Warzone 2, but the basic premise has not – the game’s initial circle will keep being cut until the poisonous gas consumes the entire map.

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There are two ways to approach the circle, stay in the very center and establish a solid foothold, or you can hover in and around the edge of the circle.

Each comes with positives and weaknesses. Staying in the middle and not moving limits you a bit more as you’ll be surrounded by enemy players, so looting is a lot more dangerous, as is combat – but it can be rewarding, and you’re already in position for the endgame.

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Whereas if you stay around the edge of the circle, you’ll be able to loot more freely, and you’ll be able to pick off players rotating to the next circle, sometimes ones that are caught in the gas, leading to easy kills.

On the other hand, you could end up being the player(s) caught in the gas, and depending on the circle, you could always find yourself running to safety, straight into other teams that are already in position waiting to clean up any loose straddlers.

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Weigh up your options and find the strategy that best suits your playstyle. If you’re a more conservative individual and want to engage in less action, stick to the outside, if you’re hungry for kills, play more for the middle.

Get money and supplies quickly

It doesn’t matter which option you go for, looting early and efficiently will get you off to a great start in Warzone 2.

As well as some great landing spots to get you going, Al Mazrah contains tons of secrets just waiting for you to discover. Scattered around the map are tons of hidden caches that are consistent in their placement and can get you a few thousand dollars in the first couple of minutes, along with decent weapons, Killstreaks, and more.

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Also, make sure you search high and low for a 3-Plate Armor Vest as you won’t be able to have maximum armor without it, another big change compared to the OG title.

Look out for the best Warzone 2 meta weapons

Even if a weapon takes your fancy and you enjoy using it, it may not necessarily be one of the guns that are statistically guaranteed to kill enemies faster thanks to the notion of time-to-kill.

The simple principle of recoil, fire rate, range, and damage, means that it’s a fact that certain guns are more effective to use and you could be missing out if you’re not wielding them.

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To help you out, we’ve ranked every gun in Warzone and created a top 10 list featuring the best guns to use in Warzone 2. So try them out as they could be the difference between life and death in a gunfight.

The meta changes all the time thanks to buffs and nerfs implemented by the devs, so keep referring back to the guide to see the updated list.

sniper in cod warzone 2

Make use of your backpack

Warzone 1 had specific slots for certain gear, whereas Warzone 2 not only gives you free rein to take whichever loot you want, but you can also find bigger backpacks to carry even more stuff.

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It’s entirely feasible for you to store 12-15 armor plates, multiple Self Revives, several Gas Masks, and even a third weapon.

The ability to pick and choose loot has a lot more depth, so consider this when you’re scavenging for items and if you are someone who maybe gets downed more often than others, or gets caught in the gas, then you have options.

Warzone 2 isn’t Modern Warfare 2

If you’re new to battle royale, let’s make this clear, only the very best can run around Al Mazrah at 100mph and kill everyone in sight to drop 20, 30, and 40-kill games.

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So you need to pick and choose your fights carefully in Warzone 2, make use of cover wherever possible, and learn to analyze every firefight – even while you’re in one.

Up against a Sniper? Find a way to flank them. Being shot at while your plates are broken? Don’t be a hero, retreat, and plate up.

Resurgence game modes are more akin to fast-paced multiplayer you’d find in Modern Warfare 2, but Warzone 2 is not, so don’t treat it like it is.

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Don’t be afraid to fight!

While we don’t encourage you to run around like a headless chicken, you also can’t be hiding away in a broom cupboard terrified of every sound you hear.

You need to be proactive and prepared to fight. If you kill an opponent, then you’re increasing your own chances of winning by eliminating the opposition, you’ll have more loot to forage, and most importantly, you can learn from that experience and get better.

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Even if you lose the fight and get sent to the Gulag, you can record the footage and watch it back to see where you went wrong and subsequently learn how to overcome similar situations in the future. Optimize and strategize we say.

Additionally, there are no Leaderboards or Combat Records in the game for the time being anyway, and your stats are going to be wiped – so why not use this as an opportunity to improve before stats do eventually go live?

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Proximity Chat is more than just toxicity

After its successful inclusion in rival shooter Escape From Tarkov, Activision decided to give the green light and bring Proximity Chat into Warzone 2.

The audio mechanic basically means if you’re connected to the in-game audio/chat, then if an enemy player comes within a few meters of you, you’ll be able to hear what they’re saying.

Aside from banter that could be exchanged, it also alerts you and lets you know that someone is close-by, and you can prepare thusly. So make sure you have the best Warzone 2 audio settings equipped so that you’re prepared for any scenario and eventuality.

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High ground and patience is the key to victory

We’ve all been there when it gets down to the final few players and the circle is becoming alarmingly smaller at massively decreased intervals. But don’t panic.

The impulse is to see a player and immediately try to take them out. Depending on the mode you’re playing, if your teammates are dead, you might be better off letting them go as they may have backup.

Wherever possible, especially leading up to the final few circles, you need an aerial advantage. Mountains, buildings, and anywhere higher up gives you eyes over the shrinking battlefield – and makes it easier to identify a player on their own.

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Experience comes with playing, so the more times you get in the situation you’ll eventually become an expert at knowing when to shoot and when to bide your time and let other players take each other out.

There are our best tips to help you survive longer and win more games in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. If you want even more useful guides to help you survive battle royale, then check these out below:

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