Warzone 2 DMZ Dead Drop locations: Al Mazrah & Ashika Island

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In Warzone 2 DMZ, players can store their gear in Dead Drops. For those who would like to know where they can find these Dead Drops, here’s our guide on all of their locations.

In Warzone 2’s DMZ, players will be finding loot and trying their best to extract items that will progress them through missions and level up their factions for rewards.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to exfil, as both AI and other enemy players are a constant threat. If you’re killed before extracting, you will lose the items you have on you, so keeping them safe is vital.

Apart from extracting, there’s another way players can keep items safe, and that’s through Dead Drops, which are handy dumpsters that players can chuck things in to stash gear. This gear in the Dead Drop can then be picked up another time when it’s either safer to extract, or if you’ve stored some powerful weapons or gear in there, you can grab them from here when in need.

Interested in using these Dead Drops in Warzone 2 DMZ? Here are all of their locations on Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

Warzone 2 DMZ Dead Drop locations

Al Mazrah

There are 11 DMZ Dead Drop locations on Al Mazrah. Here’s a full list of the POIs that host a Dead Drop, as well as details of the exact location you can find it:

Point of Interest (POI)Location
Akhdar VillageThe Akhdar Village Dead Drop sits right in the middle of an AI enemy-infested area, next to a main square entrance.
Al Bagra FortressHead over to the eastern side of Al Bagra fortress in Al Mazrah’s southeast quadrant to find the Dead Drop. You’ll spot a dumpster by a building on the fortress’s edge.
Al Samman CemetaryJust to the northeast of Al Samman Cemetary, you’ll find a Dead Drop.
Al-Mazrah CityThere’s a special Dead Drop in an alley near the city’s post office. You’ll want to get to know this one – a Faction mission requires dropping 20 lethal equipment pieces here.
Between Rohan Oil and Al-Safwa QuarryAlong the main road between Rohan Oil and Al-Safwa Quarry, next to a building, sits a secluded Dead Drop. This one’s typically not heavily guarded.
Maziweh MarshlandsSouth of Al Mazrah city and slightly northeast of Maziweh Marshlands, you’ll find a Dead Drop.
North of Al Malik Airport, east of Al Sharim PassThere’s a Dead Drop to the north of Al Malik Airport and to the east of Al Sharim Pass.
Sa’id CityYou’ll find a Dead Drop on the eastern side of the Shopping Center landmark in Sa’id City.
Sattiq Cave ComplexDeep within the Sattiq Cave Complex, there’s a Dead Drop tucked away next to an ambulance and tent.
Zarqwa HydroelectricLook behind a gas station next to a bridge in Zarqwa Hydroelectric to spot a Dead Drop.
Zaya ObservatoryThe Zaya Observatory is a popular drop point in DMZ and Warzone 2, bustling with AI and player combatants. The Dead Drop is nestled between three buildings on the area’s northeastern side.
dome in modern warfare 2
Players can find a Dead Drop in Al Mazrah’s Zaya Observatory POI.

Ashika Island

There are 3 DMZ Dead Drop locations on Ashika Island:

Point of Interest (POI)Location
Residential DistrictIn the Residential District, you’ll find a Dead Drop in the backyard of one of the smaller houses, right along the fence.
Science CenterThe Dead Drop at the Science Center is situated on the map’s northwestern side.
Waterways (Submarine Base)Below Tsuki Castle, a cave system houses a submarine base. Venture underground to access the Dead Drop, but be ready to face AI enemies guarding the spot.

Well, there you have it, those are all of the DMZ Dead Drop locations for Warzone 2. If you’d like to see some more guides about DMZ, check out some of our other pieces below:

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