Warzone 2 DMZ expert reveals easiest way to farm Skeleton Keys

warzone 2 operator in dmz's building 21

According to a Warzone 2 DMZ expert, here’s the easiest way to get Skeleton Keys in the extraction mode, an extremely powerful item that can get you some of the best rewards in the game.

Warzone 2 Season 3 introduced a variety of changes to battle royale, but the devs didn’t forget about the DMZ, as even the April 19 update addressed some bugs and made some adjustments.

Despite players not being happy about the pay-to-win bundles introduced for the update, the new Barter System, Workbenches, and Skeleton Keys are interesting new additions to the mode that have been keeping players busy.

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According to DMZ expert Stodeh, Skeleton Keys are some of the most “controversial items added to DMZ,” as they can open “any door in any map.” This allows players to get some serious loot and prevents the scramble of trying to find the correct door for the key you have.

With that being said, you’re going to want to get as many of these Skeleton Keys as you can, and the Warzone 2 DMZ expert has found an extremely easy and simple way to farm them, so let’s get into the details.

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Easiest way to get Skeleton Keys in DMZ

DMZ expert Stodeh claims that Building 21 is the best and “easiest place to get a Skeleton Key,” making it “worth playing now.” According to Stodeh, Building 21 is now a “goldmine,” so here’s how you can take advantage of the update and get your hands on some Skeleton Keys in DMZ:

  1. Get a Building 21 access card.
  2. Enter Building 21.
  3. Find three Encrypted Hard Drives.
  4. Craft a Skeleton Key.

Skeleton Keys are crafted with a Video Casset Record, Vintage Wine, and an Encrypted Hard Drive, or any combination of the three items. Stodeh clearly feels that finding three Encrypted Hard Drives in Building 21 is a much easier task than finding the other items, making it the best way to craft a Skeleton Key.

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Doing this in Building 21 means you can craft a DMZ Skeleton Key without sacrificing any gear, but beware of enemy players trying to end your round, especially if they have the Grenade Launcher, which is absolutely devastating in the mode this season.

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Image Credits: Activision

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