New Warzone glitch allows spectators to enter the Gulag and kill players

Liam Mackay
Warzone player parachuting into the Gulag

A new Warzone glitch is allowing invincible players to parachute into the Season 4 Gulag where they can beat the competitors to death.

Players and content creators have reported that the cheating problem has ramped up in Season 4, however, a unique new exploit is ruining Gulag matches. Players have already complained that the footstep audio is too loud in Season 4’s Hijacked Gulag, but this new glitch is making matters even worse.

As discovered by YouTuber NTrippy, competitors can now exploit their way down into the Hijacked Gulag to kill those fighting for their right to travel back to Verdansk ’84.

Players fighting in Warzone's Season 4 gulag

YouTuber NTrippy discovered the new glitch on July 9, which allows spectators to parachute down below and beat the fighters to death. To make matters worse, the unwanted guest is invincible to their gunshots.

Spectators are allowed to bother the competitors, throwing rocks at them that deal a measly, but annoying, one damage. Sometimes you get lucky enough to hit the player when they’re on that fabled 1HP, or you can hit a Claymore or Mine for extra style points.

Obviously, the damage only goes one way – it would be rather unfair if Gulag competitors could mow down the spectators on the balcony above. However, this has only made the recent glitch even worse, with invincible spectators entering the Gulag and punching the helpless fighters to death.

In NTrippy’s video, we see that he parachuted down into the Gulag, and didn’t receive any damage from the player’s panicked Assault Rifle fire. He simply punched the player to death, then was placed in his own Gulag fight next.

Luckily, NTrippy didn’t show how to pull off the exploit, so the issue doesn’t appear to be widespread yet. However, he said he’s planning on releasing how to do it soon. If the glitch is as easy to replicate as the reoccurring Stim Glitch, expect the Gulag to become a Royal Rumble.

Hopefully, Raven Software patch the exploit before it becomes widespread, perhaps in the upcoming Season 4 Reloaded update.

Image Credit: Activision

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