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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players call for major changes to Season 4’s “too loud” Gulag

Warzone Season 4’s new Gulag isn’t garnering the most positive reception with players citing loud footsteps as a big issue.



players fighting in the hijacked gulag

The new Hijacked Season 4 Gulag is causing trouble for Warzone players as they think the overhead footsteps caused by spectators are far too loud and distracting.

Sometimes marquee features can dominate the headlines when it comes to Call of Duty changes. The launch of Warzone Season 4 has naturally seen the Red Doors and meta occupy much of the discussion.

A new fast travel function and weapons like the MG 82 and C58 affecting the game’s meta were always likely to be the main topics of discussion. However, the game’s new Gulag, based on CoD’s Hijacked map, has drawn criticism for the overbearing sound of spectator steps above – and players want this changed.

walkway above hijacked season 4 gulag

Reddit user Vyra Static has drawn attention to the new Gulag’s problems with a recent question on the game’s official Subreddit.

“Is it just me, or are the footsteps of the spectators in the Gulag way too loud? I can’t hear where the enemy is at at all over it, and it’s extremely distracting hearing them stomp around on the stairs.”

These sentiments were also echoed by other players who feel equally frustrated by their encounters being ruined by the additional audio.

“Hate the new Gulag. With the ridiculous footsteps above and poor lighting, this is the worst Gulag we have had, in my opinion,” said K0NSPIRACY.

There were many other comments in complete agreement with the original post, and Peesncs believes “It’s cause everyone’s so low I think. There’s no height to this one for the spectators. Making everything sound much closer.”

If this is the case, then it would need a big overhaul to fix this issue. There’s every chance that Raven Software will instead quieten the steps above for this season’s Gulag if it continues to be an issue.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software