JGOD explains why Warzone controller players have a major advantage against Stun Grenades

Liam Mackay
JGOD Warzone Stun grenades

Stun Grenades are a frustratingly powerful tool in Call of Duty and JGOD, the knower of all things Warzone, has explained how they’re less effective against controller players.

Since crossplay became commonplace in online gaming, the mouse and keyboard versus controller debate has raged on. Mouse and keyboard players have many more buttons at their disposal and can use their whole arm to aim, while controller players have aim assist to account for the fact they’re aiming with only their thumb.

Dr Disrespect has already said that controller players have the advantage over Roze skins and NICKMERCS explained how Warzone’s aim assist is much stronger than Fortnite’s. Now, YouTuber JGOD has explained how they also have the advantage against Stun Grenades.

Warzone stun grenade

Getting hit with a Stun Grenade renders you almost defenseless as you’re locked in position. It takes several swipes of the mouse to even move an inch for a mouse and keyboard player, making it almost an inescapable death sentence.

However, for a controller player, aim assist continues to lock on even when hit with a Stun Grenade. As JGOD demonstrates, when a player runs past a stunned controller player, as long as they’re aiming down sight, the crosshair locks on, ignoring the stun effect.

For comparison, JGOD did the same test using a mouse, and it was impossible to track the target jumping past. He also disabled aim assist on the controller and redid the test, and it had the same result as a mouse.

JGOD explained that he feels, against Stun Grenades, “aim assist is actually broken,” because “you should not be able to accelerate faster than somebody on keyboard and mouse.”

For balance, JGOD thinks that aim assist should be disabled when hit by a Stun Grenade, as this will put mouse and keyboard and controller players at more even of a playing field.

Players have already complained about Warzone’s powerful aim assist in Season 3, with aim assist helping a player shoot someone through a roof.

Image Credit: Activision / JGOD

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