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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

JGOD reveals if Modern Warfare guns have more aim assist than Cold War’s in Warzone

After Warzone streamer TeeP put forward the theory that Modern Warfare guns have more aim assist than Cold War’s, JGOD put it to the test.



JGOD MW weapons have more aim assist in Warzone

After top Warzone player and streamer Tyler “TeeP” Polchow suggested that Modern Warfare’s weapons might have more aim assist than Cold War’s, YouTuber JGOD put the theory to the test.

Most Warzone players would agree that Modern Warfare and Cold War’s weapons have a different feel to them, but Call of Duty World Champion and top Warzone streamer TeeP revealed that the difference might go deeper. Following his suspicions, TeeP tested and put forward the idea that aim assist is potentially stronger in Modern Warfare’s weapons than Cold War’s.

In a video uploaded to his Twitter, TeeP asked “Can some of you try this for me and tell me if I’m crazy? I think MW guns have more aim assist than CW guns.” In the video, he takes the Modern Warfare and Cold War MP5s and tests their aim assist one after the other.

As demonstrated by TeeP, Modern Warfare’s MP5 appears to stick to the target more because of the aim assist. He also tested this theory with a Pelington and Kar98k which gave even more concrete evidence – his aim was significantly slower when passing over the target with Modern Warfare’s Kar.

These tweets garnered a lot of discussion online, so most players’ go-to Warzone statistician and weapon tester, JGOD, took the case.

In a video uploaded to his channel on May 9, JGOD revealed that Modern Warfare’s weapons don’t have more aim assist, but different optic zoom gives the impression of more aim assist.

Testing a range of different weapons, JGOD explains that many weapons have a different optical zoom by default. When the weapons have different zoom levels, there’s a “[Field of View] change with the ADS.”

When the weapon is more zoomed in, the aim assist bubble appears bigger because it takes up more of the screen. So because Modern Warfare’s Kar98k scope zooms in more than the Pelington’s, the aim assist bubble feels bigger, but it’s actually the same size.

JGOD said to bear in mind that certain weapons have different zoom levels by default, even with iron sights. However, he also said there isn’t a significant advantage in either case, and you just have to “see what works for you.”

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Image Credit: Activision