Warzone 2 Combat Record starts appearing in-game ahead of Season 2

Liam Mackay
Warzone 2 players fighting inside building

Warzone 2 players have been crying out for the promised Combat Record to arrive so they can track their stats, and a glitch appears to have shown the highly-requested feature ahead of Season 2.

Like in any competitive multiplayer game, Warzone players want to track their stats. Not only do win rates and K/D make for bragging rights, but it’s also a way to keep an eye on your skill level and how you’re improving.

Warzone 2 launched without a Combat Record, and it was announced to arrive with the Season 1 Reloaded update without any of the previous stats tracked. Right before the update, Activision announced that it wouldn’t be arriving in the Reloaded update after all.

With Season 2 on the horizon, the Combat Record appears to have briefly arrived in a player’s menus, leading to speculation that it’ll finally arrive with Season 2.

According to popular Warzone streamer Reidboyy, he was sent an image of Battle Royale Combat Record and Leaderboards showing up next to the Multiplayer.

While the Combat Record is showing up, it isn’t showing any stats yet. “He said it was only there for like 2 minutes and when he tried to tab to leaderboards it didn’t load,” explained the streamer.

It appears you’ll also have to “complete 5 Warzone games to unlock” the Combat Record once it finally arrives in Warzone 2.

While it’s showing up ahead of Season 2, there’s no guarantee that’ll be when it finally hits the game. The devs have revealed a ton of the major changes coming with the update, but players were disappointed to see that the Combat Record wasn’t mentioned at all.

Modern Warfare 2 will receive the Gun Game and Infected Party Modes, but we’ll need to wait for the full roadmap to know if the Combat Record will make an appearance with February 15’s Season 2 update. If not, perhaps it’ll finally arrive with Season 2 Reloaded.

Image Credit: Activision