Warzone 2 players claim long-awaited Combat Record is completely broken

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Fans of Warzone 2 are slamming the long-awaited Combat Record feature that finally arrived with the Season 2 update. It seems the Combat Record is completely broken and displaying false stats.

Warzone 2 Season 2 certainly delivered a ton of content to the battle royale as players continue to explore the new Ashika Island map and weapons like the Crossbow. Despite the major refresh, some additions have failed to impress.

Since the launch of Warzone 2 players have been calling for a standard Combat Record that tracks wins, kills, and other performance-based stats. The wait was a long one, but the Combat Record feature finally arrived alongside the Season 2 update.

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However, it didn’t take long for players to discover that the long-awaited Combat Record feature has been more of a curse than a blessing.

According to players, Warzone 2‘s Combat Record is completely broken and displaying false stats across the board. Players took to the Warzone subreddit to discuss their disappointment with the feature.

To put it simply, the comments were full of reports that the Warzone 2 Combat Record is displaying false stats throughout Season 2. Players shared their findings and most reports looked like this: “I got 6 duo wins and it says I got none.”

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Another player in the comments said, “Those stats, that took them one whole season to introduce. Nice.”

Countless players shared their disappointment with the long-awaited feature, pointing out that not only were they made to wait until Season 2 for a Combat Record, but it isn’t working properly now that it’s arrived.

Warzone 2 players were in disbelief with how low on the list of priorities the Combat Record seems to be for the devs: “It’s incredible how stats, a thing that’s been around for f*****g ever in CoD, is all of the sudden just not a thing for these devs.”

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With the Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded update right around the corner, perhaps the devs are already working on implementing a fix for this issue.

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