Furious Warzone players demand changes to the game’s “scummy battle pass design”

Andrew Highton
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Players of the PC Version of Warzone want the devs to change the menu controls as its current design can cause players to unwillingly spend COD Points and believe this is deliberate.

Whilst it’s true that in a perfect world, all Call of Duty fans would somehow get their perfect version of Black Ops Cold War or Warzone, one of its existing problems is an easily fixable solution. PC players believe that the game’s current way of presenting the Battle Pass screen could be bettered to be more user-friendly.

The current system doesn’t favor impatient players who are eager to skip through its unlock animations, and doing so can cause players to waste their hard-earned COD Points.

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In a heated Warzone Reddit post described as “Absolutely scummy battle pass design on pc,” user harmlander has described the process that Warzone on PC enforces on players.

“When clicking to the Battle Pass tab, PC users have the option to press “R” to skip the Battle Pass animation, and if you don’t want to watch/listen to the absurdly loud effects as it unlocks, you’re probably pressing R.

“This is where it gets scummy, however. If you’re at all impatient like me, you’ll spam the R button to speed up the process. Unfortunately, R also pulls up the “Skip Battle Pass Tier” option AND confirms it. Without the screen ever telling you that the R button does that. In fact, if you hover over the option, it tells you space is actually the button that does that.”

As user harmlander already points it, this problem could easily be avoided with a little bit of patience and careful button management.

But the argument is supported by several users who believe that the system is designed this way so that players will indeed accidentally spend their COD Points.

FormedBoredom says, “It’s done on purpose, I’ve skipped tiers by “accident” due to this,” whereas kanavi36 said, “Luckily I haven’t done this, but yeah it’s incredibly easy to do this, a couple of my friends have lost like 500 CP this way.”

It absolutely could be argued that the issue is largely caused by user error. On the other hand, the game could either stick to the indicated button prompt as advertised or remove the hidden action button altogether.

With some awareness and being unaware of the problem, Raven Software may address the issue and make the small amendment to prevent any further COD Points from being spent mistakenly.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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