Warzone players already want “cringe” Urzikstan match intro removed

Max Candelarezi
Phillip Graves Warzone match intro

Warzone Season 1 has finally arrived and players are getting used to all the new content that the first major update brings, including the new Uzrikstan map. However, many have already shared they want the “cringe” intro removed which appears upon entering each match.

Warzone‘s new chapter began on December 6 following MW3’s Season 1 update. This iteration of the free-to-play title offers players a ton of content, including a full new roster of weapons, significant movement changes, as well as fresh Perks, public events, and more.

Players are now prepared with the best controller, audio, and graphics settings, to dominate the new Urzikstan map that brings over 10 new POIs for them to explore.

However, upon entering each match the game has a new intro, but unlike previous Warzone iterations, this time it features the appearance of Graves and players aren’t happy with it. In a Reddit post, user TheDeadlyAvenger stated: “This WZ Intro Looks So Bad, Is Cringe And Needs To Go.”

Then, answering to another player’s comment, he added: “…none of the intros in the past had character dialog… The intro should be badass, make you amped to drop in, this one ain’t that.” He also compared it to the “crap” character quips of Battlefield 2042.

Other players remembered one of the most frustrating cinematic intros the game has had that appeared before starting each Warzone game: “Haha this is nothing compared to the cut scene when “the ship” crashed in Verdansk…” Luckily, this previous intro was disabled following major complaints.

While this cinematic could help the game load correctly, players believe that the new Warzone Urzikstan intro is “too long” and should “only be in the first match…” as it becomes “very cringe especially after seeing it once.”

Although it’s unlikely that the intro will be changed, since it is the new way each match starts, similar to the past Warzone versions’ sequences featuring planes flying over the map, players hope that Raven at least modifies the length of it to avoid it from being so “annoying.”

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