Best Riveter loadout for Warzone Season 1

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Riveter Warzone

To dominate close ranges, Shotguns have been the weapon of choice for players due to their high damage. So to excel within the game, here’s the best Riveter loadout for Warzone Season 1.

Warzone Season 1 is currently underway as players are enjoying all the new content introduced in the latest update. Among the highlights are the big new Urzikstan map, multiple quality-of-life changes, and fresh weapons.

When it comes to close range, Shotguns are the preferred choice given their high damage and excellent mobility. So, here’s the best Riveter loadout for Warzone Season 1, including attachments, Perks, and Equipment.

Best Warzone Riveter loadout attachments

Warzone charatcers aiming guns
When indoors, Shotguns can easily clear rooms full of enemies in Warzone.
  • Barrel: SA Draven-20 Long Barrel
  • Muzzle: SA Schweigen DX
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Laser: Corvus PEQ Beam-5
  • Ammunition: .410 Gauge Incendiary

To kick off the best Riveter loadout for Warzone, we picked the SA Draven-20 Long Barrel and SA Schweigen DX Muzzle combination to improve the gun’s bullet velocity, range, recoil control, and aim idle stability as well as keep you out of the enemies’ minimap.

Then, we chose the Merc Foregrip Underbarrel to enhance the aim of walking stability, hipfire, Tac Stance spread, and recoil control. Combined with the Corvus PEQ Beam-5 further boosts the hipfire and Tac Stance spread alongside the hip recoil control.

Lastly, the .410 Gauge Incendiary Ammunition grants incendiary damage which affects the enemy by lighting them on fire and receiving constant harm until the fire is off.

Best Warzone Riveter loadout Perks & Equipment

  • Perk 1: Double Time
  • Perk 2: Sleight of Hand
  • Perk 3: Quick Fix
  • Perk 4: High Alert
  • Lethal Equipment: Semtex
  • Tactical Equipment: Flash Grenade

We’ve selected the best Perks to further boost the Riveter loadout in Warzone. First, we picked Double Time to double the Tac Sprint duration. This pairs seamlessly with Sleight of Hand, which speeds up reloads allowing a frenetic combat experience.

Then, Quick Fix kicks in health regeneration upon eliminating an enemy or applying armor plates. Lastly, High Alert will notify you whenever an enemy has their sights on you.

In terms of Equipment, we went with the Semtex and Flash Grenade combo which proves exceptionally powerful for clearing rooms, pushing aggressively, and gaining a strategic edge over opponents.

How to unlock Riveter in Warzone

Warzone Operator holding Shotgun
Shotguns are powerful weapons to use in Warzone.

To unlock the Riveter in Warzone, players will have to reach Level 25 and use the Armory Unlock system. After unlocking it, players need to choose the Riveter challenge and complete the specified number of Daily Challenges to get the weapon.

Best Riveter alternatives in Warzone

If the Riveter isn’t cutting for you, the Lockwood 680 is a great alternative for short ranges. Also, the WSP Swarm is another outstanding choice featuring great damage, fire rate, and low recoil.

All in all, that’s the best Riveter loadout to use in Warzone, including all the attachments, Perks, and Equipment.

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