Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update patch notes – Reclaimer 18, Kar98k nerf, Mutation modes & map changes

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The Warzone Season 4 Reloaded patch notes have arrived, as the update expands the content introduced at the beginning of the season such as the iconic Kar98k and Obsidian camo.

For those interested in all the details, here’s the full patch notes for the mid-season update.

Release date

Warzone’s Season 4 Reloaded update released on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST.

New weapons

Season 4 Reloaded brings two new weapons to the roster – the Reclaimer 18 Shotgun, also known as the fan-favorite SPAS-12 in other CoD titles, along with the hard-hitting Sledgehammer Melee.

The first is available to unlock through the Season 4 Battle Pass Classified Sector, while the latter is obtainable via a Weekly Challenge.

MW3 Warzone Season 4 Sledgehammer
The Sledgehammer will be part of the Season 4 Reloaded roster.

New modes

Mutation LTMs

Mutation has arrived and is available for Resurgence and Buy Back Quads.

This mode focuses on dropping the team into the destroyed Popov Power POI. Upon landing, players will acquire mutations from exposure to the toxic chemicals scattered throughout giving you certain advantages like a bioshield that blocks incoming damage to toxic clouds, mutant vision, and more.

Popov Power POI Season 4 Reloaded changes
Popov Power underwent a “catastrophic explosion.”

Redacted Weapons

Not entirely new for players who accessed the Biometrics Scanners in Rebirth Island, Redacted Weapons have been introduced in battle royale for Season 4 Reloaded. However, unlike with scanners, players can access this “impressive and rare weaponry” within hot loot zones and Bunkers.

The Redacted weapons feature “up to 10 attachments” and they are red rarity, so you can differentiate when you’re encountering one of these “powerful weapons.”

New Redacted Weapons in Warzone S4 Reloaded
The Redacted Weapons will be available in Warzone from Season 4 Reloaded first day.

Season 4 Reloaded patch notes


  • Altered Strain
    • The DNA Bomb has detonated at the Popov Power Plant, opening new pathways around the point of interest and covering the vicinity in a toxic chemical agent. Exercise caution, though the risk of exposure to the green sludge content much of the vicinity appears to have lessened. You should now focus on getting in close to explore the outcome of this major attack.



  • Popov Power Meltdown
    • A catastrophic explosion has destroyed a large portion of Popov Power. The gigantic main cooling tower has almost completely collapsed, and the reactor itself has fully ruptured. The devastation extends to a number of surrounding buildings. A new, subterranean network of previously-unknown tunnels has now become accessible.


  • Mutation Resurgence
    • This Resurgence variant removes all Tacticals and Lethals from ground loot, allowing you to focus on gathering and enhancing your Operator’s DNA to discover a multitude of mutations!
    • Mutations
      • Bioshield
        • Create a protective bubble that blocks incoming damage but allows you to shoot out from within.
      • Divebomb
        • Rocket into the air, then dive towards a target. On impact any nearby enemies are damaged and tossed back.
      • Mutant Leap
        • Perform a charged jump that covers vast distances.
      • Toxic Stim Cloud
        • Deploy a toxic stim cloud that does damage to enemies and boosts squad mates speed for a short duration.
      • Sludge Sling
        • Toss sludge grenades that explode into a toxic gas cloud on impact. The gas slows and damages enemies over time.
      • Mutant Cloak
        • Turn partially invisible for a short time. You will leave green footprints while cloaked.
      • Mutant Vision
        • See enemies outlined in red through walls for a short duration.
    • Location: 
      • Urzikstan Point of Interest – Popov Power
    • Squad Size: 
      • Quads


Urzikstan | All Modes

  • Specialist Perk
    • Recently reintroduced to Resurgence, this all-powerful Perk is now available on Urzikstan! Players who find Specialist will immediately receive the benefits of every Warzone Perk simultaneously.
    • Can be acquired via Bunkers.
  • Redacted Weapons
    • A new set of specially curated weapons are now available on Urzikstan. Head into battle with the upper echelon of weaponry through new [Redacted] Weapons found within Loot Hot Zones and Bunkers. These unique weapons feature 8 attachments, 3 more than the traditional weapon loadout.
    • Can be acquired via Bunkers and other undisclosed locations.


  • Reclaimer 18 Shotgun
    • A tactical shotgun that can be fired in both pump-action and semi-auto modes. Pump-action provides superior range while semi-auto increases fire rate.
    • Available via new Battle Pass Sector.
  • Sledgehammer Melee
    • Smash the competition into the dirt with this sledgehammer melee weapon.
    • Available via Weekly Challenges.


BAL 27

  • Lower Torso Modifier increased to 1.1x, up from 1x.


  • Min Damage increased to  24, up from 22.
  • Increased bullet velocity to 750m/s, up from 710m/s.


  • Near-Mid Damage Range increased to 60.96 meters, up from 50.8
  • Increased bullet velocity to 720m/s, up from 690m/s.

MTZ 556

  • Increased bullet velocity to 720m/s, up from 690m/s.

M16 (MWII)

  • Jak Patriot AMP
    • Mid Damage Range increased to 53.34 meters, up from 48.26.


MTZ 762

  • Max Damage Range increased to 25.4 meters, up from 19.05.
  • Near-Mid Damage Range increased to 48.26 meters, up from 40.64.



  • JAK Scimitar Kit
    • Max Damage Range increased to 15.08 meters, up from 13.71.
    • Near-Mid Damage Range increased to 27.22 meters, up from 24.
    • Mid Damage Range increased to 41.91 meters, up from 41.14.


  • Lower Torso Modifier increased to 1.1x, up from 1x.


  • Max Damage Range increased to 12.7 meters, up from 12.19.
  • Near-Mid Damage Range increased to 25.4 meters, up from 24.3.



  • Min Damage increased to 28, up from 27.


  • Min Damage increased to 25, up from 24.


  • Leg Modifier increased to 1x, up from .95x.


  • Near-Mid Damage Range increased to 50.8 meters, up from 48.2.



  • JAK Wardens Conversion Kit
    • Increased sprint to fire speed from to 100ms, up from 35ms. 


  • Modified controller aim assist properties to align with the Sniper Rifle class.
  • Max Damage Range decreased to 55.88 meters, down from 63.5.
  • Decreased bullet velocity to 620m/s, down from 660m/s.


» Lethal Equipment «

  • C4
    • Decreased max damage to 200, down from 275.
    • Decreased outer damage to 100, down from 137.
    • Decreased max radius to 6.5 meters, down from 7. 

» Killstreaks «

  • Mosquito Drone
    • Damage is no longer dealt to the Killstreak owner near a drone explosion.


  • Fixed an issue causing the Mosquito Drone icons to remain on the mini-map and tac-map after they are no longer active.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be sent back to the main menu after finishing a Ranked Play match.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Tac-Sprint Boots icon to overlap with the “Hold to give up” text.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from viewing the “Warzone Rewards” menu.
  • Fixed an issue allowing expired contracts to count towards the “Complete any 4 contracts” daily challenge.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Converted SMG BP50 to use AR ammo instead of SMG ammo.

Be sure you’re geared up to dominate the mid-season update with the best weaponscontroller settingsaudio setup, and FOV settings.

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