MW3 Reclaimer 18 slammed as “worst” Shotgun & it might be bugged

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Ghost using Reclaimer 18 Shotgun Incline map

MW3 Season 4 Reloaded marked the release of the Reclaimer 18 Shotgun, also known as the SPAS-12 in previous CoD titles. However, the new iconic gun boasts a ton of issues, including “inconsistent” damage which obliterated its highly anticipated return.

Far from its dominance in previous titles like 2009’s MW2 or 2011’s MW3, the weapon fails to compete with its counterparts or other close-range picks. This led players to share some clips highlighting its terrible performance in multiplayer.

In a Reddit post titled “Reclaimer kinda sucks lmao,” user DeminoTheDragon shared a video showing how the gun gives hitmarkers and fails to kill enemies from point blank, despite this being usually the recommended distance to eliminate enemies with Shotguns.

Following the sentiment, another user shared their experience, as they said they’ve gotten point-blank hitmarkers just like the OP, but also got 17m one-shot kills, making it the “most inconsistent shotgun since the original MW3.”

This quickly led players to think that the Reclaimer 18 could be completely bugged. On June 26, the CoD dev team shared on an X post they fixed the Shotgun’s “sprint to fire speed penalty on the Center Mass Grip Tape” to -16% from -86%.

“I think it’s super buggy, it tightens the spread on ADS and it’s super spread on hip fire,” a player shared in the replies of the Reddit post. Another user added, “Yeah the gun is garbage I assume there’s a bug with the damage that will be fixed.”

However, other players suggested that aiming down sights is the key to “consistency” with the weapon, as the spread “is night and day between ads and hip.”

While no additional details regarding the damage or other stats from the Shotgun being bugged were shared, players believe the Shotgun’s performance should be better, some even expecting the gun to dominate Season 4 Reloaded’s close-range meta.