Warzone’s “insane” new Aftermarket Part turns forgotten burst SMG into iconic MP5

Joseph Pascoulis
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Warzone’s MP5 meta has returned in Season 4 of the battle royale, thanks to one of the new Aftermarket Parts.

The MP5 is an iconic SMG in Call of Duty, and it was a popular close-range choice in the original Warzone. This classic close-range weapon hasn’t been seen since Modern Warfare 2019, but Modern Warfare 2 (2022) brought a form of the iconic SMG through the Lachmann weapon platform.

The Lachmann Sub and Lachmann Shroud are two MP5-like SMG guns in the Lachmann Meer weapon platform for MW2, and they haven’t been favored since MW3 weapons stole the show.

However, in Warzone Season 4, the devs decided to drop a new Aftermarket Part Conversion Kit for the MW2 Lachmann Shroud. This burst SMG can be turned into a fully automatic MP5 with the JAK Decimator Conversion Kit.

Not only does it turn the Lachmann Shroud into a fully automatic SMG that’s extremely reminiscent of the MP5, but it increases the gun’s bullet velocity, aim walking speed, and flinch resistance too, making it a great close-range option.

In fact, popular Warzone content creator Metaphor showcased just how strong the Lachmann Shroud can be with the Decimator Conversion Kit, as he described the SMG as “insane,” showing that you can eliminate two enemies with full shield with just the base 30 round magazine.

He also describes the SMG as the MP5, claiming that the new Aftermarket Part has brought back the notorious meta from the Verdansk days of the original Warzone.

Metaphor does make it clear, however, that as it is a MW2 gun and you can no longer tune the weapon, it does lose a bit of its effectiveness. To counter that, he recommends that players use Tac-Stance with the Lachmann Shroud Decimator, as this eliminates the visual recoil and mobility issues otherwise.

If you’re looking to unlock the JAK Decimator for the Lachmann Shroud, be sure to check out our full guide on how to unlock every Aftermarket Part in Warzone Season 4. It seems Season 4 is the season of returning metas, as the update also brought back the iconic Kar98k Marksman Rifle, which has been dominating lobbies.

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