MW3 & Warzone Season 4 adds three hidden attachments to unlock

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Warzone Renetti's JAK-Intimidator, Lachmann Shroud's JAK Decimator, and Kar98kBayonet

MW3 and Warzone received their Season 4 update, and despite the patch notes revealing a ton of content, some of it went under the radar, including three attachments that were added and can be unlocked.

Seasonal updates for MW3 and Warzone usually have a huge amount of new content to unlock, and Season 4 was no different. In addition to bringing new maps, and Operators, and marking the return of fan-favorite Kar98k, both titles received three hidden attachments that can be unlocked.

Since they weren’t confirmed for the launch of Season 4 in the patch notes, both the new Aftermarket Parts, the JAK Intimidator and JAK Decimator for the Renetti and Lachmann Shroud, respectively, and the classic Bayonet on the Kar98k, went completely unnoticed.

Although no details about how to unlock them were officially revealed, players figured it out by entering the Gunsmith for each weapon. This ultimately allowed them to confirm that the attachments were indeed available and obtainable within MW3 and Warzone.

If you’re wondering how to get these secret attachments in MW3 and Warzone’s Season 4, here’s what you’ll need to do. For the classic Bayonet, you’ll need to get the Kar98k to level 8 to unlock the Muzzle attachment section.

As for the AMPs, both weapons’ levels will need to be maxed out. For the Lachmann Shroud’s JAK Decimator, you’ll be required to get 30 suppressed SMG kills. The Renetti’s JAK Intimidator can be unlocked by getting 15 headshots with Sidearms.

While the Bayonet may have gone overlooked given it’s not the most popular attachment for the rifle, it’s unclear whether the inclusion of the Lachmann Shroud and Renetti’s Aftermarket Parts was intentional or a result of a bug. We’ll be sure to update this piece if new information is revealed.

However, now that you know how to unlock these hidden attachments in Season 4 of MW3 and Warzone, you’ll need to level up fast to unlock all of them, as well as a ton of exciting free rewards in the Battle Pass.