Surprising Warzone Pistol has best close-range TTK but there’s a catch

Max Candelarezi
WSP Stinger Warzone

Wondering which weapon has the best TTK in the close-range meta? You’ll be surprised by the slept-on Warzone Pistol that claims that spot in Season 3.

Mastering Warzone requires picking the most effective weapons for both long and short ranges, ensuring versatility across Battle Royale and Resurgence modes to guarantee the best performance.

Following the massive Renetti nerf, the close-range meta has undergone a notable shift, offering players plenty of options. Among these options is the WSP Stinger, a Pistol boasting the fastest time-to-kill in the game with a value of 480 when equipped in Akimbo, per TrueGameData’s stats.

Just for comparison, most players’ popular choice, the HRM-9 SMG, holds a value of 612 against a fully plated enemy. While the SMG remains a great all-around close-range choice if you don’t mind losing the ADS and accuracy advantage, the Akimbo WSP Stinger should definitely be your pick.

However, if you choose to use the Akimbo WSP Stinger, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind to get the most out of it. To kick off, because the best loadout features the Akimbo attachment, you need to be careful when engaging at mid ranges, as the gun’s best TTK values will be limited to around 10 meters and will heavily rely on your accuracy.

Also, changing how you approach fights could significantly improve the gun’s performance. Heavily linked to the point above, the gun’s range limitation will require you to avoid constantly facing enemies, but instead, take advantage of the loadout’s movement to sneak up on them.

Lastly, the Throwing Knife and Sleight of Hand Perk are a must in this loadout, as they will help you reload faster and secure kills without spending extra time, similar to what Warzone content creator JGOD also pointed out in his video.

With that in mind, the Akimbo WSP Stinger is probably the best pick if you’re looking to eliminate opponents at close range rapidly. So don’t be surprised if this powerful Pistol begins to appear more often in Warzone‘s lobbies.

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