Shoot House invisible wall glitch is breaking map in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1

Andrew Highton
overhead view of shoot house map in modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 brought in lots of new content, but a remaster of the classic Shoot House map has come with invisible walls that are stopping bullets and Equipment.

In many respects, some fans consider Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 to be the true beginning of Modern Warfare 2 as the seasonal update has brought Leaderboards with challenges and KD ratio stats, the debut of the new Tier 1 playlist, as well as a Prestige system.

It’s also the smaller elements of the content that players appreciate such as Shipment and new guns. Modern Warfare 2019’s Shoot House was incredibly popular back in the day, and now it’s in Modern Warfare 2.

Although, not everything is as it seems as this incarnation of Shoot House has launched with a potentially game-breaking bug that is preventing players from getting kills.

Returning with a new coat of paint, Shoot House is a small-medium-sized map with a carefully constructed and intricate design. It would go on to feature in many 24/7 Playlists in MW2019, and there’s a chance it could be like that in Modern Warfare 2.

For the time being though, as shown off by Reddit user Perzonic, the remaster of Shoot House is currently being plagued by a severe glitch that stops anything from passing through invisible walls.

“PSA: Shoot house just has random GIANT invisible walls that completely block bullets and projectiles. There’s also one in the upstairs building you can’t even walk through,” the Reddit user said.

They also provided evidence of this happening too with a video of them firing their gun into a clearly empty channel, but it’s as if certain sections of this empty space do quite literally have an invisible wall to prevent anything from passing through.

Upon seeing footage of this extraordinary bug, one commenter said: “What are these devs smoking, damn! This game’s release has a crazy amount of bugs this time around, they must be getting complacent,” and another added: “I’m convinced that not a single dev has ever actually booted up and played this game.”

Players are clearly unhappy, especially one person who said that their “drill charges get stuck in these invisible walls.”

With everything going on in Call of Duty at the moment between Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and DMZ, it might take a while for all bugs and glitches to be fixed. But given that this is greatly impacting the viability of Shoot House, this could be fixed sooner rather than later.

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Image Credit: Activision

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