Modern Warfare 3 trailer shows classic MW2 glitch spots return

Max Candelarezi
MW3 players on Highrise map

Call of Duty have unveiled the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer, providing players with a first look at the game before its full reveal at Call of Duty Next. Surprisingly, veteran CoD fans have already identified some classic glitch spots from MW2 that will be making a return.

Modern Warfare 3‘s full reveal is just around the corner with Call of Duty Next sharing extensive information about the game’s content, including multiplayer, the first look at Zombies mode, and insights into the future of Warzone.

On October 3, SHG additionally revealed the multiplayer trailer showing off cosmetic content and some of the weapons that will be included, as well as MW2 2009’s remastered maps in this year’s title.

MW3 multiplayer maps to be “genuine remasters” from MW2 2009

Following the release of the MW3 multiplayer trailer, some players noticed that several iconic spots appear to be maintained in the remastered MW2 2009 maps, leading them to believe that these remasters would be “genuine remasters.”

X user AllVolTan shared that MW3’s maps appear to include some of the iconic Highrise glitch spots veteran players will surely be familiar with, following the first look at the map in MW3’s multiplayer reveal trailer.

The user noted that certain areas that were accessible through glitches in the original 2009 game could potentially be incorporated into MW3‘s remastered version of the map. However, it remains uncertain whether these areas will be fully accessible or if they’ll require the same glitch-related access method as in MW2 2009.

In its original version, Highrise included certain points on the map that players accessed through glitches for montages, carrying out a diverse range of techniques with Snipers while jumping. This led to the name “jump shots,” which was cemented in the franchise’s history.

Additionally, players also used these glitches in order to easily camp during matches and achieve high kill streaks, without being exposed to the central area of the map, which was often busy.

As a response to CharlieIntel’s post, MW3’s dev team SHG teased the return of iconic jump shot spots by responding with a bear emoji. This emoji refers to the teddy bears that were originally located on the roof floor of one of Highrise’s buildings.

If you’re looking forward to trying out the game, and the remastered version of Highrise, be sure to check out the full MW3 multiplayer beta map roster or everything we know about the new Gunsmith’s Aftermarket Parts feature.

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