MW3 players praise “best new map” in Season 2 & it’s not Stash House

Luca Di Marzo
MW3 Departures mapActivision

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 brought several new maps to the game and players have praised all of them. However, when it comes to the best new map in MW3 Season 2, it seems some players have made a surprising choice

Modern Warfare 3 players were spoiled with plenty of new content to dissect following the Season 2 update. The major seasonal refresh brought a new Battle Pass, new weapons, new modes, and most importantly several new maps.

With MW3 featuring every map from MW2 2009 at launch, players have been vocal about wanting more original maps. They got their wish as Season 2 delivered Stash House, Vista, and Departures as new 6v6 maps.

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Now that the dust has settled, it seems the MW3 community is expressing its delight with the new maps, even going as far as calling them “some of the best maps,” in recent Call of Duty titles.

The Reddit post below explains that the new maps are instilling MW3 “with its own identity.” However, when it came to deciding the best new map in Season 2, players were divided over the top pick, but most agreed that the popular Stash House was not number one.

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One player in the replies summed up the new additions, placing Vista and Departures above Stash House: “Vista & Departures are phenomenal, been asking for maps designed like that for years. Stash house is OK, just another camo grinding map.”

The OP initially praised Departures as their favorite new map in Season 2: “This map is executed PERFECTLY. It’s a sister map to the hailed classic Terminal and it looks and plays gorgeously.”

While Stash House is by no means a hated map amongst players, most agreed that it doesn’t offer much outside of being “another great map to grind your camos and guns on when you get tired of Shipment, Meat or Rust.”

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Meanwhile, some players even had praise for Season 1 maps breathing new life into MW3: “Vista, Rio and Greece are great additions too. Best new maps for a while.”

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