MW3 players praise Season 1 update compared to “snoozefest” MW2’s first update

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Nolan Season 1 Operator

Following MW3 and Warzone’s Season 1 announcement, and its imminent launch on December 6, players have decided to compare the content drop with 2022’s MW2, noting massive improvements.

Modern Warfare 3‘s Season 1 is set to be a massive update that will bring a ton of new content, including the long-awaited integration with Warzone bringing the new map Urzikstan, new weapons, maps, and cosmetic items players can grab.

However, after its announcement on November 30, players decided to compare all the new content coming with the first season of MW3 with last year’s update for MW2. Luckily, they found the 2023 title update to be a significant improvement compared to MW2’s.

In a Reddit post, user ‘Natemoon2’ stated “To all you “$70 DLC” out there… this is what we got for Season 1 last year,” sharing both MW2 and MW3 roadmaps for Season 1 respectively. Then they continued: “I can’t believe they actually considered this a content drop for MP, shoothouse, and shipment as new maps…”

Another player chimed in humorously remarking: “Whenever I have insomnia, I usually think back on the first season of MW2022 to help me sleep because it was such a fuc**** snoozefest.” A third user shared, “It was so bad it made me get back into Dead By Daylight. A game I play to purposefully make myself angry.”

Despite the differences in the community over what the Season 1 update meant not only for MW2 but also for Warzone in 2022, players didn’t hesitate to slam the game’s first content update for multiplayer, which brought two well-known maps, Shipment and Shoot House, presented as “new maps.”

“Every season of MW2 was garbage. 2 6v6 maps a season, 1 in the beginning and one in the middle and THEY ALL WERE GARBAGE,” a user stated in the replies, further exposing the community’s feeling of MW2 2022’s Season 1.

While most players agreed on the substantial improvement in both quantity and quality of content for the first major update of MW3, one thing is certain, Season 1 will carry a ton of content for players to dive in and have fun.

So if you’re looking to get prepared for this major update, be sure to check out the brand-new Vortex mode explained or all the new weapons coming to MW3 and Warzone with Season 1.

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