Bizarre Modern Warfare 2 glitch makes Deployable Cover top-tier in multiplayer

Nathan Warby
Deployable Cover over Modern Warfare 2 map

Modern Warfare 2 players have discovered a strange Deplayable Cover glitch that can be exploited to make the Field Upgrade a meta choice in multiplayer matches.

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer provides players with a wide variety of equipment to use as they try and outsmart the opposing team, including dozens of weapons, powerful Killstreaks, and useful Perks.

One of the more underrated items at their disposal is Field Upgrades, which can be deployed to offer a quick bonus, whether it be an Ammo Box with extra rounds or a Trophy System that can destroy incoming explosives.

While Field Upgrades don’t usually disrupt the gameplay in a big way, Modern Warfare 2 fans have uncovered a glitch with Deployable Cover that could see it dominate multiplayer matches until it is fixed.

Reddit user ‘OfficialSuperSai’ showed the bug in action during a Team Deathmatch game on Embassy. The enemy team had placed Deployable Cover in front of a doorway, forcing the player to jump over it as they pushed forward.

When they went to vault over the blockade, they were suddenly turned around 180 degrees and found themselves facing the completely opposite direction. Unsurprisingly, this left them extremely vulnerable and they were quickly picked off before they had time to react.

The killcam then showed just how costly the glitch proved to be, as they came barreling into the room with their back facing the enemy, making it an easy kill with a Shotgun.

Based on the replies to the clip, this doesn’t appear to be a one-off issue either, with other players reporting that they had encountered the same bug and been killed as a result of it.

The devs are yet to acknowledge if this Deployable Cover glitch is on their radar, but it’s easy to see how problematic it could be once players realize how useful it can be.

Using the Field Upgrade to block doorways and chokepoints will make pushing teams much tougher, allowing enemies to easily take you out as you get spun around. It could also wreak havoc modes like Domination and Search and Destroy, allowing players to camp objectives with little chance of being hit.

Hopefully, we’ll see a fix in an upcoming Modern Warfare 2 update before it becomes too much of a widespread problem.

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Image credit: Activision

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