Modern Warfare 2 players left fuming after shock CoD 2023 report

Luca Di Marzo
Ghost Modern Warfare 2

If rumors are true, CoD 2023 is expected to be a brand-new premium entry in the franchise. This contradicts earlier reports that Modern Warfare 2 would receive a two-year cycle, and players are not pleased.

Modern Warfare 2 players are getting ready to experience new content making its way to the game with Season 2. The update is set to deliver new weapons, maps, modes, and gameplay changes that players have been demanding since launch.

While the focus has been on Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, leaks involving the next Call of Duty title began to surface on February 9. Renowned leaker Tom Hendeson revealed that CoD 2023 is expected to be a brand-new premium release and not a second year of Modern Warfare 2 content as previously reported.

CoD 2023 leak reveals scrapped plan for two-year MW2 cycle

Modern Warfare 2 players have taken to Reddit to sound off on the reported change of direction involving CoD 2023. Most players are furious with the change as they explain that they only bought MW2 due to the expectation of two years of dev support and content.

As one player put it, “That’s actually upsetting considering the main reason I bought MW2 was under the promise that this would be the only cod for at least 2 years.” This is only one half of the problem that players have with the leaked CoD 2023 news.

They claim that the biggest issue with the change is how it impacts the perspective of Modern Warfare 2’s disappointing start: “And what’s even more concerning is how lackluster this MP has been this year with the only excuse being it’s a two year drip that’s why the content is coming out slow.”

According to players, the lack of Modern Warfare 2 content was only justified by the two-year cycle. They’re starting to question where all the missing content has gone if it’s not being saved for Modern Warfare 2’s second year.

It seems Modern Warfare 2 players are not pleased with what they see as having the rug pulled out from under them.

One player theorizes that the negative reception of Modern Warfare 2 will undoubtedly impact CoD 2023 sales: “They won’t see massive sales for that game like they did for this with the current content we have. People will buy, but not like they did for this game.”

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