Activision report confirms new Call of Duty title set for 2023 release

Luca Di Marzo
Call of Duty 2023

Contrary to previous rumors, Activision has seemingly confirmed that a brand-new premium Call of Duty title is set to arrive in 2023.

On November 7, Activision shared a financial release that highlighted the company’s results in the third quarter of 2022. While Modern Warfare 2 has been a massive success for the company, setting new records for sales and hours played, CoD fans also received some major news from the report concerning Call of Duty 2023.

Previously, rumors and leaks suggested that Modern Warfare 2 would be the first Call of Duty title to observe a two-year cycle. This would hypothetically put an end to yearly releases that have become synonymous with the Call of Duty franchise.

However, thanks to the Activision financial release covering the third quarter of 2022, players received some interesting news about the future of the franchise.

Activision broke down plans for Call of Duty in 2023, which is set to include “the most robust Call of Duty live operations to date, the next full premium release in the blockbuster annual series.”

The use of the words “next full premium release in the blockbuster annual series” has led CoD fans to believe that a brand-new Call of Duty title could be coming in 2023. Given the incredible success of Modern Warfare 2, it may not come as a surprise to see the company wish to continue to capitalize on the franchise’s momentum.

However, shortly after the release of the Activision statement, reporter Jason Schreier indicated that the new CoD title coming in 2023 could just be “more MWII.”

The reporter who has already covered Activision’s plans for Call of Duty in 2023 and 2024 mentioned that players should expect a continuation of Modern Warfare 2 in 2023 and not a brand-new title.

Schreier believes that Activision could possibly “market and sell it as a $70 game with new single-and multiplayer content.”

Although we do have Activision’s above statement as an early indication, Activision’s exact plans for CoD 2023 have yet to be confirmed so take both reports with a grain of salt.

Schreier elaborates that the next new CoD game will be developed “by Treyarch, [and] is coming out in 2024.”

Furthermore, he adds that the supposed 2023 premium expansion for Modern Warfare 2 is being developed by Sledgehammer: “It’s supposed to have lots of content! Maybe that’s why they call it a “full” release.”

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