Modern Warfare 2 players slam “outdated & stupid” annual releases after CoD 2023 report

Luca Di Marzo
Modern Warfare 2 Operators

A CoD 2023 report revealed that the next title in the franchise is set to be a brand-new premium release and not another year of Modern Warfare 2 support as previously expected. Fans have shared their disappointment with the news and frustration with annual releases.

CoD 2023 has generated a ton of confusion since prominent reporters first claimed that there would not be a brand-new Call of Duty title in 2023. Instead, initial reports claimed that Modern Warfare 2 would receive two years of support and content.

As we know, the latest reports have indicated that Activision have changed their plans from supporting Modern Warfare 2 for two years, to releasing a brand-new premium Call of Duty in 2023.

Modern Warfare 2 players have not taken the news well as they voice their opinions on the outdated model of annual releases. According to a post from the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, players believe that the live service model and annual releases simply don’t make a good match.

MW2 Players react to reported change of CoD 2023 plans

It seems players were looking forward to the idea of Modern Warfare 2 receiving two years of support.

This has less to do with how Modern Warfare 2 has been received and more to do with the idea that players think the extra year of development would result in a polished, well-realized Call of Duty title.

As one player put it, “They should really just switch to a two year schedule for everything. Or just release intermittent DLC. The annual release thing just seems outdated and stupid.”

Players have expressed two major issues with annual releases. The first pertains to concerns about rushing an unfinished product every year: “Just f****ng support this game for two years for f***’s sake. Just f****ng work on season content and maps and s**t until a whole new game is ready.”

The second issue that players have with the recent report is that they feel CoD 2023 doesn’t justify a premium price tag. Here’s what one player had to say about the sudden change of direction, “So basically they want us to pay full price for a DLC and are making the game a standalone to justify it?”

Others were quick to chime in with similar concerns, “the only thing premium about it will be the price, lets be real honest about this.”

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