Modern Warfare 3 players divided as fan-favorite map set to return unchanged

Luca Di Marzo
Shipment map MW3

Modern Warfare 3 will feature every map from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, but it will also carry over a selection of maps from 2022’s Modern Warfare 2. After a fan-favorite CoD map was found in-game, players couldn’t help but feel it deserved some changes.

Modern Warfare 3 is right around the corner and CoD fans have November 10 circled on their calendars. The multiplayer mode will blend in classic features with plenty of innovations to take the franchise to the next level.

One of the classic features that players can expect is the return of every map from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. In addition, maps from 2022’s Modern Warfare 2 will also arrive in MW3 as the seasons go by. The first four maps from its predecessor will arrive shortly after launch.

The devs already clarified that the maps from 2022’s MW2 will make their way to Modern Warfare 3 unchanged, as they expand on the initial roster of maps at launch. Despite being warned that returning maps wouldn’t change, players couldn’t help but feel disappointed when a fan-favorite appeared online.

Prior to launch, CoD fans can access Modern Warfare 3 Private Matches, which can provide an early look at the game’s weapons and maps. While the devs never confirmed that Shipment would be one of the maps to arrive shortly after launch, its presence in Private Matches has made players hopeful.

However, it wasn’t all positive reactions from players as many were hoping for changes to the fan-favorite small map known as Shipment: “I was hoping for a daytime version this time around.”

Several players in the above post took the time to voice their disappointment that a staple of the CoD franchise seemingly won’t receive any updates as it makes its way from MW2 to MW3.

Another player was disappointed by the lack of changes, but pointed out that having the map in any shape or form is a net positive: “It’s fine I guess. It’s a means to an end for camo grinding, but holy s*it I am so burnt out on this version.”

As one player put it, the unchanged version of Shipment shouldn’t come as a surprise to players, given the devs’ clarity on the situation: “They specifically said all maps coming over would be the same as their MWII iteration.”

Whether you’re excited to level weapons up on MW3’s Shipment or check out all of the classic maps, there’s no shortage of battlegrounds to discover.

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