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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 players furious with lack of Season 2 changes compared to Warzone 2

Modern Warfare 2 players were left disappointed with the Season 2 content reveal as Warzone 2 stole the show.



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Modern Warfare 2 players feel hard done by the Season 2 deep dive blog that revealed upcoming changes and content that the update will bring. With Warzone 2 receiving most of the focus, MW2 multiplayer fans were left fuming.

When the devs announced that Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 2 would be delayed by two weeks, players were hopeful that they’d be on the receiving end of some major changes. After all, the devs did confirm that they’d be using the time to make community-driven alterations to improve the state of both games.

On January 25, the devs revealed a deep dive blog breaking down the changes that will arrive with the Season 2 update. While Warzone 2 players had a ton of information to sift through, the Modern Warfare 2 section of the blog was notably small.

Naturally, Modern Warfare 2 players did not take this development well and feel as though MW2 is not receiving the same love and attention from the devs as the battle royale experience.

In a Reddit post titled “I wish my $70 game I paid for got the same love,” Modern Warfare 2 players voiced their frustrations with Season 2 content.

MW2 players disappointed with Season 2 content

While the blog revealed that Ranked Play, Hardcore, audio changes, and Perk adjustments will arrive, MW2 players were hoping for more. They were particularly disappointed not to receive more information about new maps to freshen up the multiplayer experience.

One player claimed that the lack of new maps has been the game’s biggest flaw, “No kidding. I only play MP. I’m not sure when I will again either. I’m bored with the map rotation.” While the blog didn’t mention any new maps, there’s still time for the devs to reveal new additions before the Season 2 update.

The lack of gameplay changes, most notably to movement and TTK also didn’t sit right with players. For some this seemed to be the final straw: “Last time they get my money. I thought I was buying a mp shooter, not subsidizing their s****y Fortnite knockoff.”

Clearly, fans are not pleased with the focus being on the free-to-play Warzone 2 as opposed to the full-price game that they shelled out money for.

For some, the dread and disappointment with the lack of multiplayer support is nothing new as one player put it, “Same meme and same title used in Vanguard 5 times. Keep this one cause you are going to be able to use it for two full years!”

With a two-year cycle, the devs have plenty of time to make changes to Modern Warfare 2, but according to players, it may be too little too late if Season 2 turns out to be a disappointment.

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Image Credit: Activision