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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 players furious over Season 2’s “recycled” content

Modern Warfare 2 players have slammed the Season 2 update, accusing the devs of ‘recycling’ content from old games.



Modern Warfare 2 Operators on Dome map

Following the reveal of what’s to come in Modern Warafre 2 Season, players have hit out at the devs for reusing old maps and modes as the biggest additions.

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 2 is set to arrive on February 15, and the devs have revealed the roadmap of what’s to come in the update. The battle royale is receiving a host of new content and changes, including the Ashika Island Resurgence map and 1v1 Gulags.

However, following the reveal of the Season 2 roadmap, Modern Warfare 2 players have called out Infinity Ward for pushing out “recycled” modes and maps instead of focusing on new experiences.

Aside from the new Raid and weapons, most of the multiplayer content planned for the update is taken from or inspired by past CoD titles. For example, MW3’s Dome is returning as a 6v6 map, after making up the Zaya Obseratroy POI in Warzone 2, and Gun Game is being added as a new mode.

The community quickly shared its frustration, with Reddit user ‘x100Guy’ sharing a post titled “S2 in a nutshell..” before renaming the game to “Call for Money: Recycled Warfare.”

Many other fans responded, criticizing the devs for relying so heavily on classic features in its updates.

“With what they added, it doesn’t even look like they want our money anymore,” said one reply. “Just remaster older CoDs at this point.”

In a separate thread, players also pointed out that the Ronin Operator was present in Modern Warfare 2019, and that Season 1 also introduced maps that had appeared in past CoD titles.

“Ronin [is] a recycled operator as well,” said one disgruntled fan. “All of this should’ve been in the game at launch, including the recycled season 1 ‘content’ like Shipment and Shoot House. This drip feed is honestly straight-up disrespect.”

Others also added that there hasn’t been a “single new map in 4 months” since Modern Warfare 2 was released, as Valderas Museum was actually playable in the beta before being removed at launch.

“That’s 4 months not including Season 2 which is three-ish months long,” said another player. “At this point, I’m curious to see if we get one actual new map by summer.”

The next major content drop in Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t take place until the Season 2 Reloaded update at the halfway point of the season. Fans will no doubt be hoping to see more brand-new additions when it rolls around in a couple of months.

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Image credit: Activision