Modern Warfare 2 player redesigned game’s UI and it’s “perfect”

Hamza Khalid
Ghost in Modern Warfare 2

The Call of Duty community has not been happy with Modern Warfare 2’s user interface and one player took it upon themselves to completely redesign it.

With Modern Warfare 2 finally here, Call of Duty players are eagerly checking out the game’s content, including the new campaign, Perk system, weapon platforms, maps, and Operators.

While the game had the most successful Call of Duty launch of all time, players have been been critical of its “clunky” UI with many calling it the worst one in the Call of Duty series. Now, one player has tried their hand at fixing it.

Modern Warfare 2’s UI features horizontal menus that players find unintuitive and difficult to navigate. As a result, it takes a while for them find the right camos, and game modes that they want to select.

Reddit user ‘itsharris0n’ shared an image of their rework of the user interface in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit. It boasts a more familiar design that players will recognize, and the Redditor asked for their thoughts on it.

The menu in the image shows a list of game mode options on the left side of the screen and daily challenges on the right. The top of the screen has tabs for weapons, Operators, The Battle Pass, Barracks, and the Store.

Players in the thread praised this simpler design for the Modern Warfare 2 UI. One of the commenters pointed out that the design was the same as in Modern Warfare 2019, “but that was perfect so well done.”

This rework takes inspiration from that game while incorporating assets from Modern Warfare 2’s design. Since it incorporates all current items on one main screen, there’s no need to scroll up, down, left, and right.

A few of the commenters claimed that itsharris0n should be hired by Activision to work on the game because of the improved UI design. However, some in the thread were critical of the fact that the Redditor essentially just used the Modern Warfare 2019 UI design for his “remake.”

With the current system receiving such backlash, the Call of Duty community is hoping for some major changes. One report claims that Infinity Ward are aware of the problem and planning to bring an overhaul to the UI.

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Image credits: Activision