Modern Warfare 2 beta players beg devs to change “clunky” UI

Joseph Pascoulis
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Modern Warfare 2 beta players are seemingly dissatisfied with the game’s UI, describing it as “disgusting” and “clunky,” calling for change.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta is now open to players on all platforms, giving Call of Duty fans a chance to witness the next installment of the illustrious FPS franchise.

Infinity Ward provided a response to feedback from the first weekend of the beta, but now the second weekend has opened up the gates to players on both PC and Xbox, which means even more opinions and feedback will be on its way to the devs.

While typically the weapons, Perks, Killstreaks, and maps gain the most attention from the fans, some players are extremely dissatisfied with the game’s UI.

Reddit user FlowKom put a post up in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit titled “Who designed this UI ?”

In the post, the user expresses their feelings towards Modern Warfare 2’s new-look UI, which adopts a more horizontal format rather than the classic vertical style CoD fans are used to.

The OP says, “Seriously.. I cannot imagine how this UI went through QA like it is…it is just clunky, unintuitive and straight up WORSE.” The player isn’t a fan of the “dumb boxes at the bottom of the screen,” claiming that they aren’t “user friendly.”

They even compare the new UI to a “mobile game,” and hope that the devs “revert all the changes regarding these grey boxes back to verticle lists.”

Clearly, they aren’t the only one who feels this way either, as the post has over 1.4k upvotes at the time of writing.

Further, comments under the post express similar feelings towards Modern Warfare 2’s UI, with one user saying “The entire UI is disgusting,” and another also saying “this UI is horrible!! like straight from a mobile game .. what a downgrade from MW19.”

We’ll have to see how Infinity Ward respond to this feedback, but they’ve been pretty stern when it comes to sticking to their decisions. For more on Modern Warfare 2’s beta, make sure you check out the best PC settings and controller settings for an optimal experience no matter which platform you’re on.

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