MW3 players divided as devs hint at aim assist changes

MW3 player aiming on snowy mapActivision

During an interview with popular content creator Repullze, Modern Warfare 3 devs revealed they want to look closer at aim assist in their game. However, fans have been left divided over how the controversial feature should be tweaked.

Modern Warfare 3 has enjoyed a successful launch so far, with millions of players dropping into the multiplayer packed with classic maps from 2009. However, there are a handful of issues that the community has raised.

Many have noticed a number of bugs carried over from MW2, as well as an SMG category that appears to be underpowered compared to other options in the game.

Aim assist is always a hot topic among CoD fans, with mouse and keyboard players often feeling that those who use a controller have an advantage. In an interview with popular creator Repullze, Modern Warfare 3 devs hinted that they’re looking at adjusting the aim assist further in this year’s multiplayer.

Multiplayer Creative Director, Greg Reisdorf, and Senior Development Director, Adam Iscove, explained that while they think that aim assist is in an “okay” place currently, they’re open to making changes later down the line.

“We know we need to get in there and make sure that we can create a fair experience across everything,” said Reisdorf in the interview. “By no means should it be, ‘I use a controller and I’m just better. My K/D goes up when I use a controller.'”

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He went on to say they have been discussing “options” when it comes to aim assist in MW3, but most come with “downsides.” One of the solutions mentioned was removing alternate aim assist options and focusing on one to ensure it’s as well-tuned as possible.

As you can imagine with such a divided topic, many fans responded to the interview with different opinions on how to improve the aim assist in Modern Warfare 3. Some felt that the devs should remove the multiple different options to make things more straightforward.

“Multiple aim assist options is too complicated,” said one reply, before another added: “Trying to balance 3 different aim assist types does present quite a challenge I’m sure.”

Others argued that only rotational aim assist needs adjusting, as one player said: “Nerf auto rotation by 30% + add 200ms delay before it kicks in so it doesn’t instantly react to directional changes which is humanly impossible OR, even better, make gyro aiming a thing.”

Meanwhile, some were frustrated with the inclusion of aim assist for controller players in the first place and called for it to be removed.

“Just turn it off. At some point you have to take off the training wheels to truly ride your bike,” said another reply.

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Only time will tell how the devs will tweak aim assist in MW3, but fans will be relieved to know they’re actively looking into it. For more on MW3, be sure to check out everything coming in Season 1, including three new 6v6 maps.

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