MW3 players rage as “ridiculous” movement issue makes them easy targets

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 player walking towards a window

MW3 players are fed up with a specific scenario caused by movement issue that often leaves them at a disadvantage, leading to their death.

Modern Warfare 3 is certainly not immune to issues and player complaints, as the developers are often bombarded with demands and questions, especially when it comes to SBMM.

While Sledgehammer Games have made a conscious effort to give the players what they want, including making movement faster and more fluid for MW3 compared to its predecessor, the community continues to find issues that they would like addressed.

While the movement has been improved, players are raging about a specific scenario in MW3 that isn’t smooth and can often lead to a player’s death. Reddit user ‘Turtles-Head’ highlighted this issue, as they created a post titled “FFS sake. Let me jump out a window!!”

In the post, the player details the inconsistencies and overall issue of jumping through windows in MW3 and getting stuck, “I just get stuck and I’m in a loop of trying to jump and crouch to get out til I get killed.”

The OP says it’s “ridiculous” how many times they have been killed while trying to jump out of a window in MW3, and others in the comments agree, “Yep it’s trash.”

One player even called it one of their “main issues with MW3,” as it takes “2~5 button presses to get out of the window sometimes and I have on idea why.”

Modern Warfare 3 players on Invasion
Modern Warfare 3 maps have a ton of windows that players may need to interact with.

Some in the community feel this happens because the devs “made windows too small,” and so that’s why players “need to crouch” to get through them. In agreement, another comment read, “I think they botched the windows with a lot of the level design, I’ve also noticed they’re hard to jump or mantle through consistently in the Urzikstan map and many Multiplayer maps.”

Hopefully, this issue is fixed, as it seems like it could also occur in Warzone, which would be a massive problem for battle royale lovers, as they have a limited amount of lives and more is at stake.

We’ll be sure to update you if anything changes, as Season 1 could bring some major updates to the game. For now, check out why players are conceived there are AI in MW3 multiplayer matches.