MW3 players beg devs to buff “worst weapon in CoD history”

Nathan Warby
MW3 players holding Sidewinder

Modern Warfare 3 arrived with a lineup of 36 new unique weapons, with even more coming post-launch. However, players are desperate for one gun in particular to receive a buff, with many calling it the “worst weapon” in the series to date.

Modern Warfare 3 features a ton of new weapons, all of which are ideal for certain situations. From versatile Assault Rifles like the MCW to long-range Snipers like the KV Inhibitor, there’s an option for every play style.

That being said, there are always certain guns that rise to the top and become more popular than the rest. On the flip side, there are also those that the community leaves behind without making a dent in the meta.

Now, Modern Warfare 3 players are calling for a major buff to the weapon they consider to be the weakest in the game, and one of the worst in the CoD series altogether.

Reddit user ‘Jeep_Compassfan86’ shared a post with a plea to the devs, “Sledgehammer buff the g**dam Sidewinder.” The Sidewinder Battle Rilfe has been widely criticized since MW3’s launch, especially by players who have been forced to use it while grinding camos.

“This is literally the Civilian version of the ACR and it has accuracy that’s worse than the WSP STINGER and like why is the recoil so high,” asked the OP.

Plenty of other players responded to the post, calling out the Sidewinder and begging the devs to buff it to make it more viable in Modern Warfare 3.

“The worst weapon in COD history, insane recoil, slow rate of fire, no range , slow ttk,” said one reply, with another adding: “It’s definitely up there with the likes of the F2000 and BO1 Uzi. The F2000/Uzi were at least somewhat usable just extremely outclassed by everything else.”

While some fans claimed the Sidewinder gets better once you’ve unlocked some meta attachments for it, some still felt that its default version is in desperate need of a change.

“The iron sights are honestly the worst I’ve played with. You have to run 4 recoil attachments and a sight to make it even reasonable to use… hardcore,” said another player. “In core this gun is bottom barrel and it’s only use is camo grinding.”

Modern Warfare 3 devs Sledgehammer Games did buff the rifle slightly in the Season 1 update, but players clearly don’t think it’s enough. There will likely be even more weapon adjustments in Season 1 Reloaded, so we’ll have to wait and see if the Sidewinder receives more substantial changes.

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