Gamebreaking Modern Warfare 2 god mode glitch makes players invincible

Andrew Highton
cod mw2 operator with halo

A crazy Modern Warfare 2 glitch is giving players complete invincibility and the god mode glitch is frustrating MW2 players due to its gamebreaking capabilities.

Godmode glitches have been around since the dawn of time with the OG Warzone, Warzone Pacific, and Black Ops Cold War all being susceptible to this unfortunate bug.

Players who enter god mode essentially become invincible due to a glitch in the system, making it very difficult for players on the opposition team.

Modern Warfare 2 now appears to have caught the bug as one CoD player has explained how they were able to enable god mode in MW2.

Thankfully, the circumstances behind the glitch aren’t something that you can pull off easily, and is highly dependent on the other team having one player on a high Killstreak.

But it could signal very bad news for teams with an invincible player running around a map unable to die, that is unless you have fire.

According to Twitter account ModernWarzone: “If you run into somebody using the “god mode” exploit / glitch in Modern Warfare 2, set them on fire. Fire is the only way to kill them. Molotovs or thermite work.”

As we said, it requires very specific instructions to pull off and if the enemy team doesn’t call in a single VTOL throughout a game then this is a moot point anyway.

We have to hope that Infinity Ward are on the case and will be able to patch this out amongst other issues they have to deal with such as the bizarre Shadow Realm glitch and potential legal troubles with yet another map.

Image Credit: Activision