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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone’s game-breaking god mode glitch is back in Pacific Caldera

Warzone players are turning completely invincible again thanks to the god mode glitch returning in Pacific Caldera.



Rambo with Combat Bow in Warzone Pacific Caldera

Warzone’s god mode glitch plagued Verdansk, and is still causing havoc in Caldera as players are running around completely invincible.

After a ton of bugs and glitches plagued Warzone’s Caldera over the holidays, Raven Software have released several small updates to get rid of them, with even more expected in the delayed Season 2 update.

However, one of the most game-breaking glitches has returned, with players able to turn completely invincible thanks to an easy-to-replicate bug.

Warzone player fighting with a Riot Shield

Warzone has seen several invincibility glitches, but one of the most frustrating that’s been around since September 2021 appears to be making a comeback in Warzone Pacific’s Caldera.

Reddit users ‘international93’ and ‘lafleur-42’ ran into these invincible players over the weekend, where the game doesn’t even register a hitmarkers against them nor did the gas deal any damage.

lafleur lost the game to the glitched player, where they sat in the gas until the circle completely closed, and international93’s clip ended on a cliffhanger as the unstoppable player sprinted towards them.

While this looks like an extremely powerful hack, it’s actually a game-breaking glitch that’s been around since the Verdansk days. If someone gets hit by the Combat Bow Killstreak while carrying a Riot Shield, their health drops to 1HP and they become completely invincible.

Some players claim that although they’re guaranteed a win, the only way one of these glitched players can kill you is by performing an execution. It’s unlikely they’ll be breaking any world records, but you won’t have any hope of beating them.

Hopefully, Raven Software will address this once and all in the Season 2 update, but we recommend avoiding the Combat Bow in case you accidentally turn an enemy invincible.

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Image Credit: Activision