Crazy Warzone 2 train glitch turns players invincible

warzone 2 rohan oil poi and train

A crazy Warzone 2 train glitch is causing players to believe that the invincibility glitch has returned.

Warzone 2 players have been left baffled by an odd glitch that is seemingly making players invincible without the work of RICOCHET or hacks.

The invincibility glitch was seen in the previous Warzone game, however, in Warzone 2, there could be more to it which nullifies the claims. Reddit user TheCopperViking put a post up showing a clip of their bullets doing no damage to an enemy in the Warzone subreddit.

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The clip is titled “New invincibility Perk just dropped,” inferring that the OP believes that an invincibility glitch caused this bizarre Warzone 2 gameplay. Others agree with the OP, as one comment said: “It looks like some a**holes found an exploit like an invincible box.”

That said, there’s some debate in the comments as to why this happened, with many believing that it’s actually an issue with the Warzone 2 Al Mazrah train as opposed to an invincibility glitch.

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In the comments of the Reddit post, one user said, “it’s a glitch on the train,” not invincibility, and others seem to agree, as another user also commented: “Its the train. As it moves the bullets land behind them. You could have shot them down from behind or from the front but not from the side. It is sometimes bugged. Happened to me too.”

According to the comments, “you can even see the sparks from where the bullets are actually hitting which is below and to the right in the corner by the guy he’s aiming at,” explaining why their shots were doing no damage despite being on target with their optic.

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The Reddit post has brought encouraged Warzone 2 players to express their frustrations with issues in Warzone 2, as well as share their experience with this train glitch.

Hopefully, the devs can pinpoint the problem and fix it, as it seems to be more complicated than an invincibility glitch, but rather something to do with bullet travel while moving.

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Image Credits: Activision