Modern Warfare 2 expert uncovers “serious” UAV glitch ruining matches

Hamza Khalid
Modern Warfare 2 UAV

Modern Warfare 2 players are encountering a strange glitch that pops up when using UAVs during battles, and it’s so inconsistent that players feel that it’s ruining matches during Modern Warfare 2 Season 4.

Modern Warfare 2 players have encountered their fair share of bugs since the game first launched, and these had a variety of different effects on gameplay, such as letting players use locked weapon Blueprints in Ranked Play or making deployable covers more effective.

One glitch that reared its head after the Season 4 update went live is affecting UAVs, causing them to show real-time positions of enemy players rather than just brief snapshots. While the developers implemented a fix for it, it’s still impacting players’ gameplay.

Players were frustrated that regular UAVs were showing enemy positions in real time the way advanced UAVs are meant to do, and this makes it so difficult to hide that the Ghost Perk was rendered completely useless.

While the UAV seemed to be working as expected for some after the devs implemented the fix, players still reported that the UAV is broken, leading to Youtuber ‘TheXclusiveAce’ investigating the issue, and they stated that the Modern Warfare 2 bug is “worse than [they] thought.”

While the UAV seemed to be functioning as intended in one match, the bug was present again in the following matches, showing enemy positions in real time. In another match, the UAV showed even more unusual behavior by following enemy players only for a few seconds.

Since the glitch only appears in certain matches, it’s impossible to know whether or not a UAV is giving enemy players an advantage. The gameplay is affected by this as players don’t know if they’re safe using the Ghost Perk.

The YouTuber made it clear that the UAV is being “inconsistent” even after the fix, and they tested this by making sure that the only UAVs in the air were his during matches. Ultimately, they stated that this is the “most serious issue plaguing Modern Warfare 2.”

TheXclusiveAce explained: “This is a really big deal. It has a big impact on how a match is going to play out.” He recommended that players use the Ghost Perk as well as a suppressor muzzle when hopping into matches to counter the effects of the UAV until the developers properly fix it.

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