MW3 players claim War mode is being completely “ruined by exploiters”

Joseph Pascoulis
tank in mw3 war mode

MW3’s War mode is a popular addition to multiplayer, but, unfortunately, many feel it is currently being “ruined.”

Modern Warfare 3 offers multiplayer lovers an abundance of modes to enjoy, from classics like Domination and Hardpoint to new additions Cutthroat and War.

While Cutthroat hasn’t quite kicked on, the War mode has become a hit, as it has evolved from its WWII origins to fit the Modern Warfare franchise. That said, as always, players have found exploits and ways to play War that are affecting the integrity of the mode.

This has led to an outburst on Reddit, as players claim the mode is being “ruined by exploiters.” User lilr3ap3r put a post up in the MW3 subreddit sharing their opinion on the current state of War mode, as they said, “Every single game I queue into there’s at least 1 guy sitting under the map farming for a nuke while contesting the tank so you can’t even push the tank.”

While you can’t get a Nuke in War, as Killstreaks are actually disabled, players are using an exploit to get under the map and stop the objective while also farming kills.

This is clearly a breach of the MW3 mode’s integrity, as it essentially makes it impossible for the attacking team to push the tank, unable to kill the player under the map who’s contesting it,” is there any way to kill these pathetic losers? does reporting them even do anything?”

Others weighed in on the situation in the comments, as one player shared frustration after having a similar experience, “War Mode was great last week, now it’s been ruined by CDL f***s, glitchers and exploiters.”

It isn’t just players exploiting a glitch to get under the map, but there’s also a way for players to get on top of the buildings during the Tank Escort section of the mode, “There was a guy sniping at the very top of the buildings in the tank escort mission. Very unenjoyable experience.”

Players feel the devs “need to patch this ASAP,” as exploits are “ruining the mode completely,” so perhaps players can expect an update addressing the situation soon.

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