How to level up fast in Battlefield 2042: Level cap & fastest way to gain XP

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Leveling up in Battlefield 2042 can be quite the grind for players. For those who don’t have the time to play hours on end, there are some simple ways to level up fast and effectively.

Battlefield 2042 players haven’t been the most excited about the game’s launch, highlighting many glitches and issues. Having said that, the developers are working on updates, which is exciting for those who are fans of the franchise.

There are many great aspects of the new Battlefield though, especially when it comes to the variety of weapons available.

For those enjoying the game and looking to unlock all the game has to offer, here’s our guide on the level cap and how to level up faster in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042’s level cap

Battlefield 2042 s level S001

There is currently no battle pass system in Battlefield 2042, with its first season of content set to drop in early 2022. With that being said, there are plenty of levels and content to get through prior to the first season.

The max level in Battlefield 2042 is currently Level 99. However, once you reach this level, there is an option to go even further. After getting through Level 99, you will then progress through S-Levels.

S-Levels start from S001 and end all the way up to S999, which is effectively Level 1098. That means there are around 1098 total Levels in Battlefield 2042 when you include the S-Levels.

How to level up faster in Battlefield 2042

battlefield 2042 rocket launch

While there are more levels past 99, you won’t actually unlock anything new. So, in order to obtain everything the game has to offer, all you need to do is reach Level 99.

This is still a pretty big grind, but luckily there are fast ways for players to reach it. Of course, playing the game as much as possible will help, especially if you play with friends, as this gives you additional XP.

However, making sure you are completing certain actions will add a bonus to the XP you’re getting.

Completing Battlefield 2042 challenges

Battlefield 2042 Dozer specialist

The most obvious way to gain XP fast is through completing objectives and challenges. Securing flags and completing game mode objectives will give you additional XP, but getting challenges done for Specialists will also help greatly.

Every Specialist in Battlefield 2042 has a variety of challenges to unlock skins. These challenges are great for XP, so make sure you’re focusing on completing them if you want to level up fast.

Battlefield 2042 Ribbons

Battlefield 2042 Ribbons

Players also gain Ribbons from certain actions in-game, which ultimately add additional XP to the amount earned from simply playing a match. The following actions will award players with Ribbons:

  • Killing enemy players
  • Getting assists on squadmates kills
  • Healing fellow players
  • Using EMP’s
  • Destroying enemy vehicles
  • Using the Recon Drone gadget to spot enemies and vehicles
  • Ranger Kills
  • Resupplying your allies with ammo

As well as all this, completing Specialist challenges to gain

Level up fast in the Portal mode

battlefield 2042 portal mode

Previously, there were Portal exploits that allowed players to level up fast. A lot of these have now been patched, but there are still great ways to gain XP in the mode.

Search for XP Farm Servers and participate in killing bots/enemy players to gain XP. This is an easy way to gain XP through getting kills, as there isn’t much of a challenge.

We’re not sure how much longer these XP Farms will exist, as it does seem like the developers are eager to clamp down on them. So, make sure you take advantage while you can!

Hazard Zone

Battlefield 2042 hazard zone artwork

There are other ways for you to level up faster in Battlefield 2042. The game’s Hazard Zone mode is also great, but may not be the most effective due to its slower pace.

You’ll also need to gain a decent amount of kills, as well as extract all your items, which may be more difficult to achieve consistently than a standard Conquest match.

That’s all you need to know about leveling up fast in EA’s Battlefield 2042.

For those looking to unlock higher-tier weapons like the AC-42, which is currently dominating, you’ll definitely want to follow this guide.

Image Credits: DICE

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