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Battlefield 2042 devs respond to Portal XP farm modes

Battlefield 2042 devs have already had to respond to Portal allowing players to create XP farm modes to rapidly boost their rank.



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Battlefield 2042’s Portal is an exciting new experience that allows players to create and customize their own mode using content from previous Battlefield games. However, devs have already responded to players using the mode to XP farm.

Portal is an innovative new offering to the franchise, bringing content from fan-favorite Battlefield games and allowing players to create their own modes with it. For example, they can pit 1942 and 2042 soldiers against each other or make a Knives vs Defibs mode – the possibilities are almost endless.

But, it appears Ripple Effect Studios’ Portal mode has allowed Battlefield 2042 players to create XP farm modes to boost their rank, and Portal’s Server Browser is chock-full of them. But, EA have already responded to the issue.

Battlefield 2042 Portal

Battlefield 2042 is here, currently in its early access week, and many have dived straight into Portal to get some sweet 1942, Bad Company, and BF3 nostalgia.

But, as virtual photographer and YouTuber ShadowSix reported, players are “already exploiting server settings for XP boosting.” He showed Portal’s server browser, which is full of modes called “Fast XP” and “1HP Bots XP.”

It appears that players have made it so that AI bots have only 1HP so they can be killed incredibly fast, allowing for a ton of kills and XP.

ShadowSix also said that “I can’t create my own portal server because there are so many of these damn things, server instances have maxed out.”

Battlefield Portal devs were immediately aware of the issue, and announced on November 12 that “In the past hour, we deployed a change to Battlefield Portal that impacts the effectiveness of XP Farming Servers.”

They also said that “Related to this issue, we are working to free up more Servers for Battlefield Portal. If you’re seeing a ‘Global Game Quota Exceeded’ we’re aware of the issue.”

Players using Portal to boost their XP was an early concern when the mode was announced, with Tompen Andersson telling Dexerto that they had preventative measures in place.

When asked if players can create an “AI farming simulator just to grind XP,” Andersson explained that they “have behind the scenes restrictions on these things aside from strict monitoring on what’s happening. We want to be able to go in and control people who are creating farming.”

“We want to be as open as possible but we’re monitoring and we’re putting in some restrictions, just to stifle people going overboard,” he continued. “Those would be limits you don’t normally hit playing All-Out Warfare for example.”

So while players have already started creating these XP farming lobbies, it appears that they’re no longer as lucrative as they appear.

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Image Credit: DICE / EA