How to rank up Apex Legends Season 17 Battle Pass fast

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Like every new season, Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal brought players another 110-level Battle Pass for players to grind through. Here are the fastest ways to rank up the Battle Pass in Apex Legends Season 17.

The Battle Pass has always been an integral part of every new season for Apex Legends, keeping players occupied with weekly challenges to reach the Legendary weapon skin at level 100, hopefully. There are also free rewards for those who can’t or don’t want to purchase that Battle Pass.

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Apart from the new Legend, Ballistic, World’s Edge map was brought back in Season 17 with some massive POI changes. That’s not all, the new Battle Pass features unique skins for characters like Wattson, Horizon, Gibraltar, and Lifeline.

The Battle Pass also includes several other cosmetic items that you can unlock from every tier. While fresh cosmetics are added every season in the Battle Pass, the best ways to rank up quickly remain the same.

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Players are then encouraged to go even further, as gaining more Battle Pass stars even after reaching level 100 will gain you another version of the final tier legendary weapon skin. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how you can rank up fast in the Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal Battle Pass.

How to get the Apex Legends Arsenal Battle Pass

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Ballistic arrives in Apex Legends Season 17.

The Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal Battle Pass can be purchased from the lobby menu for 950 Apex Coins or 2,800 for the Battle Pass Bundle for those who want a 25-tier head start.

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You can either purchase the Battle Pass with real money, or you may find you have enough from completing or progressing through a previous season’s Battle Pass, as Apex Coins are among the rewards.

How to rank up Apex Legends Season 17 Battle Pass fast

Complete Apex Legends Arsenal Battle Pass Challenges

The best way you can progress through the Battle Pass is by completing daily and weekly challenges. Players will now receive challenges that can be completed in BR and non-battle royale game modes.

If you are not having fun playing the regular battle royale mode, try the Mixtape playlist that consists of Gun Run, Team Deathmatch, and Control. We recommend completing the TDM and Gun Run Matches as you will get an extra match completion XP bonus in Season 17.

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The weekly and daily challenges are designed to help you through the Battle Pass by giving players Battle Pass-specific XP known as STARS, which contributes towards a full Battle Pass level.

The challenges will vary from playing a certain amount of games to getting kills with certain Legends or weapons. Completing all, if not most of these challenges as they come out, will allow you to complete the battle pass even before the last week of challenges.

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Playing matches in Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal

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Killing enemies and placing high in matches will earn you your next Apex Legends Battle Pass Tier in no time.

Although this one may seem obvious, consistently playing the game will also level up your Battle Pass, not just your account level.

If you’re serious about reaching the end of the Battle Pass, you will need to play consistently throughout the season, trying out all the different game modes.

Playing matches will also complete daily and weekly challenges passively even if you’re not trying to complete them, which is nice if you are someone who prefers to play rather than focus on challenges.

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You can gain the most XP in a match by killing the Champions, placing high in the lobby, and preferably winning many games, as this is how you will receive the most XP. On the other hand, doing things like leaving matches before the full squad has died will hinder your XP.

Purchasing Battle Pass tiers

For those who can’t wait for new challenges to be released and don’t want to grind the game out enough to passively complete the Battle Pass, you can also purchase tiers for 150 Apex Coins each.

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This option is very efficient. However, it will cost you a lot of money to buy all the way up to tier 100, where you will then have to play to get to level 110.

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