Underrated Baldur’s Gate 3 familiar is saving lives in Honour Mode runs

Stephanie Zucarelli
Baldur's Gate 3 Ketheric Thorm

You’re probably too attached to Scratch to try this, but he’s actually the key to quickly solving two of the biggest boss fights in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Most Baldur’s Gate 3 players have a special bond with Scratch, and even the most evil Dark Urge can’t find within itself to abandon the game’s best boy. While some fans admitted that they were too afraid to expose him during battle to test his skills truly, Scratch is absolutely killing it during hardcore Honour Mode runs.

Even though Scratch isn’t the strongest summon by far, he’s the one you can depend on to help with any downed companions. This doesn’t seem to be extremely useful at first glance, but players have noticed that he is actually the key to bypassing some of the most difficult battles of Baldur’s Gate 3: the fight against Myrkul’s avatar during Act 2 and defeating Cazador in Act 3.

While battling against Ketheric Thorm and Myrkul, you can start the fight with Dame Aylin free from her Soul Cage if you cast Invisibility on Scratch and send him to help her. Since the presence of the beloved pet won’t trigger the fight scene, this lets players skip the dangerous task of helping her while dodging attacks.

But using Scratch against Cazador must be the most impressive trick since not everyone knows you can stop the ritual by helping the sacrifices. If you have previously summoned Scratch before the boss fight starts, you can swiftly use his “Help” skill to rescue any of the members of the ritual, even Astarion.

“I’ve never summoned Scratch because if he dies, I’ll never forgive myself, ever,” read a comment in the Reddit thread where this was discussed. However, players don’t have to worry about this: Scratch can’t die if he’s summoned as a familiar, although you can only use him once per short rest.