Baldur’s Gate 3 player explains why you should have Scratch with you all the time

Lucas Simons
Scratch Companion

For animal lovers, Baldur’s Gate 3 has the ideal companion: Scratch, a white-haired, lovely dog who you can adopt at some point during Act 1. Scratch is not only Tav’s best friend but an important asset for the party. Here’s why this player believes that Scratch is the best boy ever.

Players have encountered thousands of enemies, allies, and companions during their Baldur’s Gate 3 adventures, but Scratch is one of the best details in the game. This dog can be found around Act 1, grieving the loss of its former owner, and if you treat him kindly, you might have a chance to recruit him afterward.

When playing with Tav (aka custom origin character) and friends, Scratch will accompany you and provide some comfort even though you have a severe brain issue and your days count. You can even play fetch with this good boy, and, of course, take him for a walk with a summon/unsummon ability you gain when interacting with it in the camp.

But a Baldur’s Gate 3 player recently explained why you should have Scratch with you all the time and took it to Reddit to showcase the benefits of having your furry friend always with you.

Posted by ‘jdbrew’ in the Baldur’s Gate 3 Reddit community, this post explains why Scratch should always be summoned as he follows you across the Sword Coast. The OP also expressed that most people recruit Scratch but never summon him nor interact with it outside the camp.

This BG3 player also offered three strong reasons to keep Scratch with you all the time:

  • “Scratch has a Help action, if you have a downed player, you can stabilize them with what is essentially a free action because Scratch doesn’t help too much on the damage-dealing side. Always have him in the fight and just dash around stabilizing downed characters.”
  • “Even though Scratch doesn’t deal much damage, a successful bite does force a concentration saving throw, so you get a 5th chance at breaking a spell caster’s concentration each round. And given that has Pack Tactics, going after an enemy that is already engaged with a melee fighter gives an advantage on the bite.”
  • “Outside of combat, scratch provides a 5th attempt at perception checks if all 4 members fail.”

The OP also explained that Scratch can be re-summoned after combat, even if he gets killed in the line of duty. This good boy will always be with you, like a Mage’s familiar. So don’t you worry and play with Scratch. After all, he’s in the game for a good reason.

If you are thinking of using Scratch for your adventures, perhaps this Ranger Build might be a good choice for you. And in case you don’t know, there’s another good boy called Us you can recruit in-game.