Underrated BG3 spell is best defense against impossible Honour Mode boss

Emily Stander
Cazador in Baldur's Gate 3

Cazador is easily one of the most difficult fights in Baldur’s Gate 3, and he becomes even more intimidating when you take him on in Honour Mode. But there is one underrated spell that could help you defeat him in the worst case scenario.

Honour Mode can get tricky in Baldur’s Gate 3 for multiple reasons, and accidentally letting Cazador ascend before you beat him can be a serious thorn in your side when you’re running on this difficulty. 

Not only does he become immune to Sunlight, but he hits harder and becomes a whole lot more difficult to kill. Additionally, this means that Astarion has probably died too, so the whole situation is painful. 

It doesn’t have to be impossible, though, as some players have pointed out. Some spells can still help you beat him, and the most powerful one may actually be Otto’s Irresistible Dance. 

Otto’s Irresistible Dance is a Level 6 spell that prevents your enemies from moving or attacking for as long as it is active. Plus, you also have an advantage against them while the spell is active.

Astarion casting Otto's Irresistible Dance in Baldur's Gate 3
Otto’s Irresistible Dance is a powerful spell that can turn the tide against Cazador.

Unless your enemy is immune to Charm, which Cazador is not, the spell is also guaranteed to work for at least one round. After that, the target must succeed a Wisdom saving throw to be free from it. 

In addition to the dance, you must consider using Bone Chill to fight against Cazador’s healing. This drags the fight on for much longer, and Bone Chill stops any creature affected by it from healing at all.

And, of course, there’s the option of Barrelmancy. “Barrelmancy, is a fall back in my HM also. Everyone in my party carries a Potion of Invisibility because you never know who is going to be the one to run away but if I’m coming back it’s with all the cheese,” ‘CasualEDH’ shared on Reddit.

Barrelmancy essentially refers to a trick players use where they store explosive barrels in their inventory and place them around an enemy before a fight starts. Then, you use fire on it and, well, boom. 

Whatever you decide to use, it’s probably most important to make sure that Cazador isn’t able to ascend at all. So, make sure you use a ton of Sunlight on him, because that usually helps in stopping him using his abilities and will kill him quickly.

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