Baldur’s Gate 3 players reveal tips to solve “dreaded” Honour Mode fight

Stephanie Zucarelli
Baldur's Gate 3 Yurgir

Baldur’s Gate 3 fans are experimenting with new strategies to face one of Act 2 toughest bosses. Here’s the outcome of their Honour Mode runs after using their tricks.

Honour Mode in Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t usually the best place for you to try out new tricks, which is why it is great when players share what has worked for them during vicious boss fights. You’ll encounter several of those during Act 2, although one of the hardest is when up against Yurgir, the huge Orthon demon that’s trapped inside the Gaunlet of Shar.

Fans agree that fighting him head-on isn’t the best strategy in an Honour run, and shared in a Reddit post a couple of useful tips to quickly eliminate him without taking much damage.

According to user ‘Different-Fix-3399,’ players can send a single party member to start Yurgir’s fight, but instead of going straight to him, they should sneak to the top of the map and start the sequence. Then, if the character turns invisible and escapes the fight, Yurgir and his horde of demons will leave their ambush position for a place near the infamous spider corpse.

The player explained that if you engage them to fight again having the high ground, you’ll be able to start the fight with a “surprise round” and the demonic army will have to work hard to reach the party, especially if they cast Hunger of Hadar where Yurgir is.

While their strategy might seem convoluted, and most players preferred testing their luck by convincing him to kill his allies (and later, himself) with a high Charisma roll, some fans pointed out that going the “persuasion route” doesn’t give players the full amount of XP.

Other Baldur’s Gate 3 players had a more straightforward strategy to engage in the fight, although you’ll need to get up to 10 Smoke Power Barrels. “Save 10 smoke powder barrels. Go invisible. Sneak up to him. Drop all the barrels around him and his goons. Sneak away, throw a fire bolt, or alchemists fire… boom. Immunity to fire damage does not stop the explosion itself killing him and his goons,” a player described.

Of course, some would rather save Yurgir for him to later join them to fight The Netherbrain. Players who preferred this route for their Honour Mode runs recommended going straight to the Lyrthindor quest before engaging Yurgir.

Lyrthindor is a cursed Dark Justiciar who has turned himself into several rats to escape from Yurgir. Since the Orthon demon needs to kill him to break his contract with Raphael, he’ll greatly appreciate it if you kill him first, and will side with you in later fights.

And that’s every strategy shared by Baldur’s Gate 3 players to quickly solve Yurgir’s fight during an Honour mode run. If you want to know more about Larian Studios’ RPG, you can check how to beat Gortash without activating traps or who the real saboteur of the Iron Throne is

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