Baldur’s Gate 3 players explain why you should always kill this character in Act 2

Emily Stander
Kar'niss in Baldur's Gate 3

Traversing the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 can be difficult if you don’t quickly find a method to keep the Curse at bay, but some players have methods, which involve always killing one character, that will ensure you don’t have to wait too long before protecting yourself and your party.

When you reach Act 2 in Baldur’s Gate 3, your first priority is usually to find a way to deal with the effects of the Shadow Curse. There are a few ways you can do this, and most of them have to do with Kar’niss and stealing his Moonlantern.

If you make your way to Last Light Inn first, then you’ll be able to join the Harpers and ambush him. Once he dies, you’ll steal the lantern, and choose between letting the Pixie go or not. Either way, you’ve got protection from the Shadow Curse. 

Turns out, though, that there’s a better way to go about this – especially if you’re doing an evil run and want to kill Isobel (or just want to do it, evil run or not).

“Most efficient way to handle the beginning of Act 2 – Go through Mountain Pass and summon Drider,” ‘TehAsianator’ shared on Reddit.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you got the Spider’s Lyre from Minthara in Act 1 – either by killing her, knocking her out and looting her, or having her in your party. You can also get it from Nere in Grymforge. Then, enter Act 2 through the Mountain Pass.

Spider's Lyre stats in Baldur's Gate 3
You can summon Kar’niss with the Spider’s Lyre.

Use the Spider’s Lyre to call Kar’niss, and you’ll be able to persuade him to give you his Moonlantern. If all else fails, you can also just attack him here and get the lantern. Either way, he will die, and you get the lantern. Make sure you free the Pixie, and your whole party will have protection from the Curse. 

This method gives you protection from the Shadow Curse much earlier, and if you want to kill Isobel, it’s the best alternative way to get the protection she would have given you otherwise. 

If you want an easier way to kill Kar’niss, one player also suggested the classic method of dealing with bosses – Barrelmancy.

“Call him in and don’t immediately join the convoy. Instead, just Barrelmance him since he’ll just be standing around, waiting for you,” they said. 

Barrelamancy is a fan-coined term that refers to stacking explosive barrels around an enemy and setting it on fire so it will explode. 

If you want to get really creative with it, you can also use The Iron Flask when you’re trying to fight against Kar’niss. Either way, just make sure you’re prepared to get through Act 2, protect yourself from the Curse, and have your best weapons out for the fight.