Baldur’s Gate 3 player recruits Ketheric Thorm with “genius” trick

Emily Stander
Ketheric Thorm in Baldur's Gate 3

Ketheric Thorm is one of Baldur’s Gate 3’s toughest enemies, but if you didn’t know, you can get him to follow you once you’ve defeated him. One player experimented with some spells and shared how to do it. 

When players reach the end of Act 2 in Baldur’s Gate 3, they come face-to-face with Ketheric Thorm. He is the first of the Dead Three that you come across, and he is no boss to scoff at

While Ketheric himself is a very difficult enemy to take down, especially because you have to free the Nightsong again from the chaos, he’s not the only monster you need to worry about. Players will have to face off against the Chosen of Myrkul, the God of Death. 

Once you have done so, most players take his Netherstone and his armor and move on happily with their journey. One player, though, took the time to experiment a little and found something interesting. 

In a Reddit post titled “Rise, and in death serve me,” ‘MadeBrazen’ shared a picture of how they were casting Animate Dead on Ketheric while playing as a Spore Druid. 

Players in the comments were delighted by the idea of having a zombified Ketheric Thorm following the OP around. “Getting Glut to reanimate the bullete was great, but this is genius. Does he keep his powers?” one Baldur’s Gate 3 player asked. 

Unfortunately, as explained by the OP, Ketheric does just become a zombie following you around with this method. Animate Dead, specifically, is a Necromancy spell that allows you to create an undead servant from a corpse. 

You can choose between creating a Zombie and Skeleton for individual corpses, and they come with the abilities intrinsic to these creatures. As a result, Ketheric would not be able to keep his strong powers. 

Nonetheless, fans were amused by the idea of pulling the Chosen of Myrkul around as he threatens to do to you when the fight first begins. 

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