New Apex Legends map plans for Arenas and BR confirmed in job listing

Hamza Khalid
King's canyon in apex legends

With the return of the original Kings Canyon, there is a ton of excitement in the Apex Legends community for what Respawn might be planning next, and it seems that the devs are working on new maps.

After the Apex Legends developers teased the return of the well-missed Kings Canyon POI, Skull Town, players have been eager to learn what other map changes Respawn has planned for the future.

At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a new map arriving anytime soon in the Legacy update. Still, a job listing from Respawn seems to hint at the arrival of new original maps in the future since they’re looking for a new level designer.

Apex Legends Skull Town Arenas Map

Respawn’s Jason McCord confirmed on Twitter that the Apex Legends developers are searching for a technical designer and another level designer to work on new map updates.

The recruits would work on Town Takeover events, along with maps for both the battle royale and 3v3 Arenas modes. This could mean that some new locations for Apex Legends are on the horizon.

McCord also hinted at additional “special projects” in his post, but we don’t know for sure what those entail. They could be related to LTMs or even other games than Apex.

We don’t know when exactly we can expect to see a brand-new map arrive in Apex Legends, as Respawn could be saving new additions for Season 10 or other future updates.

Kings Canyon was the only playground for fans to jump into when Apex first launched. Three seasons later, World’s Edge was introduced, with Olympus arriving during Season 7, which has given players various environments to enjoy over the years.

As soon as we have more on Respawn’s plans for new maps, we’ll be sure to let you know. Stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for more Apex Legends, as we will have all the latest here, including everything you need to know about the exciting Genesis Collection Event.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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